Government strict on work permits

Joseph Chauwa

The government has said it would send packing immigrants working in firms without permits.

Minister of Labour Ken Kandodo said this on Monday when he toured some companies in Blantyre.

The warning comes as some immigrants reportedly disguise themselves as tourists to only land on job opportunities as expatriates in contrast to provisions of Section 21 (1) of the Immigration Act.


The law states that no person shall enter, be or remain in Malawi unless he is in possession of a current permanent residence permit or a current temporary residence permit, a current business residence permit or a current temporary employment permit.

Kandodo said it was sad that jobs that could best be handled by locals were offered to immigrants with no permits.

“We have agreed with the Ministry of Homeland Security to intensify inspections where we will pounce on a company and demand to see Temporary Employment Permit for any foreign worker,” Kandodo said.


In a separate interview Immigration Department spokesperson Joseph Chauwa confirmed that the department has been dealing with such cases but were constrained by resources.

“There are a number of cases that we deal with when it comes to permits and in most cases the expatriates may come here to work and end up establishing businesses or vice versa,” Chauwa said.

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