Grezelder Jeffrey weeps in court

SORRY— Jeffrey

By Wezzie Gausi:

There was drama at the High Court sitting in Lilongwe Tuesday, when Democratic Progressive Party secretary-general Grezelder Jeffrey wept in the court in search of forgiveness from Minister of Sports Ulemu Msungama in a defamation case.

Jeffrey was dragged to court for defamation for discouraging people at a public rally in 2017 from voting for Msungana because, she said, he had allegedly raped his cousin, according to a video clip tendered in court.


When the clip was played in court, Jeffrey wept.

Tears rolled down her cheeks while she was getting down on her knees as she further reached for Msungama’s legs in search of forgiveness.

Defence lawyer Gilbert Khonyongwa said his client would send the apology in written form, adding that it would be up to Msungama to decide whether he would want it published or not.


“My client has apologised. She realised she was wrong and we are taking it up from there. We are very grateful that the offended accepted the apology,” Khonyongwa said.

Msungama said he was ready to forgive Jeffrey but warned all politicians to refrain from insulting one another at political rallies.

“Before taking this case to court, I had approached Jeffrey more than six times for her to stop what she was doing but she openly told me to get lost as nothing could happen to her.

“She said that even if I were to take the matter to court, nothing would come up. So, to teach other politicians a lesson, I had to take the case to the court and here we are today. I can openly say I have forgiven her but this should serve as a lesson to her and other people about defamation,” Msungama said.

Judge William Msiska has granted the two parties an out-of-court settlement order, further asking them to report back to him once everything is done to close the case.

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