FDH Bank unveils payment solution


FDH Bank on Thursday unveiled a new product called Smart Pay which will enable consumers pay for goods and services using their mobile phones.

FDH Head of Business and Personal Banking, Kawawa Msapato, said consumers will no longer have to carry cash, wallets or ATM cards when going shopping.

“The future has arrived. Smart and seamless transactions are the way to go in this fast-paced digital world.


“The Smart Pay menu can be accessed from FDH Bank Mobile or using the FDH mobile app that can be downloaded from the customer phone’s application,” he said.

Msapato said, for non FDH Bank customers, all they need to do is register their respective bank’s ATM card.

“Any bank account holder with an ATM card that was registered on FDH ATM for Smart Pay will be able to transfer funds from his/her bank account into FDH mobile wallet. With this value, customers will be able to pay for purchases at any FDH Bank registered merchant,” he said.


He said the bank has a strong commitment towards developing financial solutions for the country.

Msapato said the bank’s products do not only reach out to its customers, but the country at large in its efforts to foster growth and financial inclusion.

He added that the bank has identified 31 merchants who will be transacting through Smart Pay.

“Those that run businesses are encouraged to become Smart Pay merchants and incorporate their payment transactions. Merchants will be able to initiate a payment transaction from their mobile phone to the number of a customer that will confirm the transaction and have payment processed from their FDH account, wallet or any other bank account that they registered using their ATM card,” Msapato said.

He added that shop owners would eliminate the burden of dealing with bulk amounts of cash every day.

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