Funding halts Fam’s Mmera Mpoyamba

Alfred Gunda

The newly launched K25 million M’mera Mpoyamba developmental league is facing hitches as Football Association of Malawi (Fam) is yet to release part of the sponsorship package for the administration of the competition, Times Sport has learnt.

Sources indicated that some districts have complained to the National Youth Football Association (NYFA) about delays in accessing administration fees to run the community Under-16 Football Leagues across 20 districts.

“How do they expect us to run the competition when we don’t have administration funds? No wonder, in some districts, the league is in its early stages while others are midway or close to finishing first round matches” the source said.


NYFA General Secretary James Sawerengera confirmed the development, saying some districts were yet to access funding from Fam to be disbursed to the 20 districts where the league was introduced.

“It is true that we have not given them administration fees. Basically, any sponsorship is in two phases. We depend on cash that comes from the sponsor and at the same time money which teams pay to affiliate bodies. For the entire first round, we believe that the districts had money they collected from the teams,” he said.

Sawerengera asked the districts not to despair as Fam was processing administration fee amounting to K10 million.


“We believe that maybe our mother body, Fam, will actually help us with the money in due course, probably next week, for operations,” he said.

Fam General Secretary Alfred Gunda said stakeholders including district committees should understand that the association was yet to get its funding for the project from Fifa Forward.

“This is a project which is under Fifa Forward. As at now, we haven’t received funds. Currently, we are looking at ways of advancing this project using resources available so that we can reimburse the money once Fifa Forward releases funding,” he said.

Gunda said Fam was equally concerned with the current scenario as the association wants the developmental league to thrive.

The initiative will ensure organised graduation of players from one level to another.

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