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Guns are not jewellery, they kill people


The past few days, social media have been awash with a picture of a man in Democratic Progressive Party attire carelessly and—in a presumptuously arrogant pose—showing off a gun half-sheathed in his pair of trousers.

The picture attracted condemnation from people for obvious reasons that guns are dangerous weapons and can snuff out a life in a single pull of a trigger. The picture has been making rounds for four days now and one would expect the police to investigate, bearing the fact that not everybody is allowed to have or carry guns.

We have a grim example of what weak gun control laws can do to a nation. Just two weeks ago, Las Vegas was turned into a sea of blood and dead bodies when a man who had access to guns decided to rattle out 59 lives. It only took one man with a gun to send 59 lives to their early graves. This is a serious disaster that must serve as a warning to, and lesson for, any country that plays with guns.


Right now, the country is grappling with violence—mostly of political nature—and we cannot afford to be that careless to let guns be all over the place. Licensed or not, there have to be strict gun control laws that must be followed regardless of how one owning a gun is connected.

The promise by police that they are investigating the person who carried the gun is not convincing because four days are, for any serious police, enough to trace a person whose picture was all over the place.

Based on the attire which the man in the picture wore, it is easy—though not conclusive—to presume that he is someone with political connection or, let us say, he is a staunch political affiliate. Right now, political violence has taken root, and it is even dangerous now that we are heading towards the crucial 2019 elections. There is a general feeling that lethal weapons are being left in the hands of careless people that do not even realise how dangerous it is to carry a gun, let alone show it off for some casual photo shoot.


Perhaps, the police, being people who work with guns daily, think guns are jewellery to adorn one’s look and, for that, they can take a lackadaisical approach to this matter. We think otherwise; guns kill people.

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