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Gustave Kaliwo gags MCP again

Suspended Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General, Gustave Kaliwo, and five other senior members of the party have obtained another injunction against the party president and members of the National Executive Committee (Nec) restraining the party from conducting a convention and suspending them from the party.

The injunction comes a day after the High Court in Blantyre ruled in favour of the party on the first injunction that Kaliwo and others obtained on the same issue.

The others, Richard Msowoya, Tony Kandiero and James Chatonda Kaunda were suspended from their positions in the party while Salima North West Member of Parliament, Jessie Kabwila, was suspended from the party.

In a court injunction granted Tuesday by Judge Mike Tembo which The Daily Times has seen, the court said if the defendants disobey they risk being found guilty of contempt of court and may be sent to prison or fined.

“This order restrains you or any other person from inviting the claimants to disciplinary inquiries and from suspending them and also from convening a convention of the party until trial of the action or until further order of the court,” reads part of the injunction.

The injunction further said the defendants may within 48 hours apply to the court to vary or discharge the order.

“The defendant may apply to the court at any time to vary or discharge this order if he wishes to do so. First, inform the claimants’ lawyers in writing at least 48 hours beforehand,” it reads.

Lawyer representing MCP, Robert Nthewa, said he was not aware of the injunction.

MCP Acting Secretary General, Eisenhower Mkaka, said the documents have not been formally served on them and, as such, the party cannot comment on the matter.

“It will be very difficult for us to comment until we see what the order says, then we comment accordingly,” he said.

Msowoya was suspended from his position as first deputy president, Kandiero as director of international relations and Chatonda Kaunda as first deputy secretary general.

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