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Gwamba to release ‘True Independence’

2022 RELEASE—The album artwork

2022 RELEASE—Gwamba

Celebrated rapper Gwamba has lived up to his promise, announcing that his new album True Independence will drop on July 6, which also happens to be the country’s Independence Day.

The award-winning hip hop artist, who made headlines with his live concert held at Mzuzu Stadium in November last year which pulled a massive audience, said True Independence is a defining project.

“I am feeling like this is the most defining, the most important, album because with the first ones I was trying to settle etc but, now, this is my most important production,” Gwamba, real name Duncan Zgambo, said Wednesday.

Following the announcement of the new album on his Facebook page, several people have welcomed the project, with some describing the artwork as deep and thought provoking.

In the artwork, Gwamba is lying down in chains while carrying a Bible surrounded by a man looking like a chief flanked by three ladies with one carrying the flag of Malawi.

Asked to shed more light on the album, the ‘Better’ creator said more details about True Independence would be kept secret for now until people listen to the songs for themselves.

“I don’t want to say what the album is all about because if I do that then I am going to kill all the hype. I want that suspense,” he said.

Gwamba, who last year went to Tanzania to record a song with one of the artists he did not reveal, said he has featured both local and international acts in the album.

Some of the renowned artists that have made the grade in True Independence produced by, among others, BFB, Henwood and Tricky Beatz, include Quest, Kell Kay and Charisma.

One of the international acts featuring in the album is South Africa’s Mlindo the Vocalist.

Popularly known as Landlord, Gwamba used to star in secular before he moved to gospel.

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