Habitat, Zoe build houses for orphans


Housing charity, Habitat for Humanity, and an international development organisation, Zoe, are building houses for orphans and imparting property rights skills and knowledge to communities to stop property grabbing.

In a move that is meant to lessen housing problems affecting orphaned children in the country, the two organisations are constructing houses for some orphans in Dowa District and conducting property rights lessons meant to safeguard such houses and the property that parents left for their children.

Zoe ministry empowers orphans and vulnerable children to become entrepreneurs who are socially, economically and spiritually strong.


Speaking during the handover ceremony for 10 houses that were constructed between April and December 2017, Construction Specialist for Habitat for Humanity Malawi, Francis Sande, said they have done a lot in property rights and what remains is the orphans’ submission of wills to the district council.

“We are working with one of the property rights organisations, Justice Link, to sensitise these children and other community members to the protection of property rights. We value these children’s rights and we want their right to property protected from property grabbing,” Sande said.

Zoe ministry Programme Facilitator, Esther Kumwenda, said, apart from providing houses to orphans, they are also providing school materials, small business capital and sanitation skills to the children.


Since 2016, the two organisations have constructed 15 houses and plan to build 15 more houses this year.

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