Haunted by mediocrity


Mdzukulu, as the nation approaches the 2017 exit, it would be interesting to explore one common feature attributable to mediocrity among multiparty-dispensation Malawian politicians-cum-leaders.
To be honest, mdzukulu, Malawi has a policy of benign neglect that is tantamount to an endorsement of some mediocrity in everything, from leadership all through to least persons in command of almost any service.
And examples of mediocrity abound.
But the unfortunate part is that the country is now secretly losing lives, especially in health facilities due to dereliction of duties by persons responsible.
Recall, mdzukulu, this year, pregnant women, for instance, at some health facilities, in Karonga – and the country all over for sure – delivered in darkness or candlelight due to the persistent and prolonged electricity blackouts, especially in the absence of expensive-to-operate standby generators.
And we can also imagine someone who is undergoing an operation at the theatre or is on life support machine and power goes off, it means those people will die because not every hospital has a standby generator.
No wonder, mdzukulu, as Malawians celebrated Christmas on Monday, four children admitted to Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) breathed their last because of a blackout which rendered ventilator oxygen machines useless.
These were preventable deaths.
Unfor tunately, the country’s sole electricity supplier – Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) – always follows with a message to Malawians; ‘promising’ of prolonged hours of blackouts following the same story of dwindling water flows in the Shire River and Lake Malawi – and obviously, all things being equal, with the onset of the rains, the basis will be high water levels in the same sources.
Surely, mdzukulu, that Escom management and many other staff touched by such mediocrity of failing to find a lasting solution to the perennial problems facing the parastatal – the job they were hired to do – are allowed to live another day on the same positions is just another sign of the country’s paralysed government if not reasoning – sheer mediocrity.
Otherwise, the deaths and many other calamities occasioned by Escom’s ‘promises’ of persistent blackouts should have engendered some government and public vitriolic anger: enough to jolt decision makers at Escom into a deep soul-searching so that the country saves what remains of its lives and revenue.
A serious government, mdzukulu, should have seriously reflected on the situation and found lasting means of increasing electricity generation capacity and ensuring that electricity is accessible to all.
Certainly, national order, discipline and a positive work ethic are outcomes of exemplary leadership.
This is leadership that never demands from masterminds of corruption and dismissive language.
The story of four children who surrendered their lives to power blackouts at KCH is a clear sign of visionary and ethical leadership’s bankruptcy in the country.
To tell the truth, mdzukulu, Malawi, as a society, is in peril. Our democracy is not working beyond voting into power people who often turn out to be the wrong ones.
What we pride in, sadly, is a corrupted democracy emasculated to concentrate power and wealth in a few people who do everything they can to protect the privileges of power and wealth.
Over 20 years multiparty politics, Malawi still has a few people not only unabatedly exploiting the majority but deliberately sending the majority to their early graves.
Mdzukulu, the yoke of mediocrity hangs heavy over our nation, sinking it and suffocating it, with each passing day because the leadership is full of it. Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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