Health Minister cautions DHOs


Health and Population Minister, Jappie Mhango, has urged controlling officers to ensure proper management of resources.

He made the remarks on the sidelines of a meeting for public health service directors meant to discuss nutrition and other issues.

“There must be functioning systems under strong leadership to ensure effective delivery of services. This also requires prudent use of resources.

“Resources that are made available at council level must be used prudently because they are intended to benefit the common man,” he said

Mhango also said there was need to intensify public awareness campaigns for the nutrition status of a significant segment of the Malawi population to improve.

Acting Director of Health and Social Services at Blantyre District Council, Gift Kawalazilo, concurred with Mhango.

He added that there was need to adopt a multi-sectoral approach to nutrition issues.

“The issues of nutrition cut across the board. Currently, we work with the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that, while they are improving food security in the areas, we are also there for the provision of healthcare services,” the said.

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