Hello 2020


It feels like just recently we were entering the New Year 2019 and talking about New Year Resolutions. It just goes to show how much time flies and how dynamic life can be. I am sure for most of us, not everything has gone as planned, life has taken its usual twists and turns and change has once again proven that it is the only thing that is constant.

However, for most of us, our resolutions are so intrinsically based that either way they need to be worked on regardless of the external or environmental forces that have influenced our lives in the first half of the year. On the other hand, some of us may have given up entirely on our resolutions in the first quarter of the year when everything started to go down a different path of the mountain.

The tricky thing about resolutions is that apparently a lot of people do not follow them through. Apparently the trend is that most people make robust resolutions at the beginning of the year only for their morale to wane a few months down the line. This has led many to lose their belief in the relevance or importance of making these New Year resolutions.


Secondly, life is dynamic. We make plans and a lot of things change along the way that we have no control over. We think of ways to do something and along the way we find better ideas or realise that we have to take a longer route or a totally different route to achieve that objective. From far, it might seem to others that we have deviated from the course, when in essence at the end of the year we would have achieved the core mission that we had charted at the beginning of the year.

Getting to a point where we sit down and re-chart the course that we want our lives to take it essential to having a fulfilling life. Any project that is designed and expected to be successful has monitoring and evaluation phases. Our life is the most important and most relevant project that we have. Think about it, what else do we have aside from our life and how we live it?

With another New Year right in front of us we need to ask ourselves if we are close to achieving the goals we had cultivated for our 2019 mission. We need to ask ourselves if we were on track. We need to ask ourselves why we were not on track if we aren’t. We need to ask ourselves what we are going do next if we were not on track. And if we are still on track we have to ask ourselves what we are going to do to remain on track. And that will chart the 2020 mission.


If we have had changes in our lives that were not in line with our initial plans, we need to get to a point where we recognise those changes, accept them and make a decision on how we will infuse them and balance them with the rest of the fundamental baseline resolutions we have running with.

Some people will always discourage others when they make New Year Resolutions but do not be fooled; there are people out there that make New Year resolutions and actually follow through. Year in and year out they are making strides. Some just do not have the energy to convince people who are more comfortable with being in the group of ‘us who do not follow through resolutions’ that resolutions are actually doable.

Some would rather be the ones who make the strides and leave others behind. Some simply do not care about your resolutions because they are too busy working on theirs.

In everything we do it is important to have principles and guidelines that show us the right way lest we keep moving around like headless chickens; busy and energetic but achieving nothing in particular except eventual death. Let us not allow lack of vision and use our emotional, social and intellectual capacity to cultivate and nurture lives that satisfy and inspire; lives built on a strong foundation of purpose. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

Hello 2020. With pleasure.

I rest my case

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