Here comes Lady Pace


There is something poetic about her rapping: cadence, rhythm, imagery and realism combined into one.

For someone who enlists Eminem, Immortal Technique and J Cole as her major influencers in music, it is not strange that there is more poetry, more close to life experiences in her lyrics, than would hope .

But, then, Eminem is Eminem, Immortal Technique is Immortal Technique and J Cole is J Cole. Lady Pace must be Lady Pace.


Therefore, Lady Pace— real name Mwayi Mphande— has been trying to gel with local artists and the Nkhata Bay native has worked with Nyasa Candy, Anne Matumbi and Lilia.

“I feel that music is an important tool when it comes to changing human behaviour, hence I have come up with my own unique style that may help people identify me as a Malawian. I do 75 percent hip-hop and the remaining 25 percent covers almost everything. In fact, if you listen to my songs, you will discover that 50 percent of them are in Chichewa and the rest are in Tumbuka.

“I am Tumbuka and I want to stick to my roots. In fact, as part of sticking to my roots, I take issues that affect local girls and women seriously. Hence, my role model is Senior Chief Kachindamoto. You see, there was an issue in the village [in Kachindamoto’s area]; that of child marriages. she managed to control the situation and, today, we talk of success stories because cases of child marriage have declined,” Lady Pace says.


Lady Pace, who has just released an album titled Mkazi Moto 1, has composed songs such as ‘Kachinda Moto’, ‘Mwanayu’, ‘Back to My Roots’, ‘Weather’, ‘One’, among others.

It is a journey that started when she made her way into Malawi Music Top 10 chart with ‘Sipadziko’, a tribute to former Miss Malawi late Faith Chibale. She features Lilia and Nyasa Candy.

Through her music, Lady Pace has worked with organisations such as United Nations (UN) Population Fund, working with the UN agency in the ‘Let’s Condomise’ campaign— which tooled her musical talent as a knife for cutting through risky, rigid behaviour.

The artist, who is pursuing an Advanced Diploma in Business Management, also features on the Black Face family mix-tape, The Benjamins, particularly in songs such as ‘Money Maker’ and ‘Party Anthem’.

“Actually, I am not interested in securing employment. I am into music and I want to add my voice in society,” Lady Pace says.

From the outside, one may easily think that she is sailing on fair winds. Forsaking employment for music?

Not so because, if the truth be told, “I have to deal with stereotypes everyday”.

But, thanks to family and friends, she is always moving on.

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