Here comes Maggie Kadrum


Singer and guitarist Maggie Kadrum might not ring a bell to many people in the creative industry in the country and, yet, she is a gem that deserves support.

And with the country remembering legendary musician Mtebeti Wambali Mkandawire on January 3, Maggie Kadrum posted a video of her playing Wambali’s song.

She showed her skills playing the acoustic guitar as she joined the rest of the creative sector in remembering Wambali, who died of Covid on January 31 last year. She won the hearts of many.


In celebrating the life of Wambali, Maggie Kadrum joined artists such as Bishop Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango, Rudo Mkukupa Chakwera, Sangwani Munthali, Willie Soko, Gresham Mokwena and Sam Shaba, who have released a medley of Wambali’s songs with the direction of United States of America-based coordinator Washington Mwenye.

Veteran musician Erik Paliani also posted a video on his Facebook page performing Wambali’s song.

Maggie Kadrum, real name Maggie Mkandawire, is not only a vocalist but also a composer, guitarist and bassist.


The former Lusubilo Band member, who is a contortionist, recently, posted some videos on social media showing her guitar skills.

She has also backed up artists such as Wendy Harawa during their performances.

“I love arts and I am always willing to grow and learn from the experienced ones,” the artist, who recently dropped a debut single titled ‘Ungaonanga’, said.

Her track ‘Ungaonanga’ is a call to reflection, an ode to the self where she guides the listener to the retelling of their own story.

“Instead of committing to a negative outlook, look to the strengths you possess by changing the way you see yourself,” Kadrum said.

She said she has accepted who she is.

“Accepting our imperfections is a big step towards achieving what we want in life. The earlier one can realise that we are responsible for building up or tearing down, the better one can be in this life,” the singer said.

A product of Music Crossroads Malawi, Kadrum said she wanted to contribute more to the society through music.

“Being authentic as a woman and striving to contribute to my society and not just take from it is my biggest priority,” she said.

The guitarist has already won the hearts of some of her fellow female artists including Nyago.

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