Here is what is garbage, Dr Ntaba


Charles Kajoloweka and others should go ahead and bring on the unspecified action against the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for ransacking parastatal and city councils’ revenue in the name of raising funds for the running of the party during the now infamous Blue Nights.

Hearing the DPP vice-president for the Central Region, Dr Hetherwick Ntaba, describing calls for the party to return the money it got from impoverished councils such as Mzuzu as rubbish, Malawians should just know that their fate is sealed and delivered under this government.

The only way through which this government can be forced to do the right thing is by a good fight whether in court or in mass protests on the streets.


Anybody with a functioning brain in Malawi knows that many parastatals and state companies that are supposed to offer valuable goods and services to Malawians are struggling in all aspects.

Many of them cannot match the ever advancing technology needed to modernise their operations because of their pathetic liquidity levels. Others are finding business difficult because they have failed to reform and cannot see new opportunities to make money and survive.

As for the city councils, it is a hopeless situation. Many of them have a narrow revenue base, coupled with residents who have no culture of paying rates on time unless they are dragged to court for the same.


You would think that any responsible government would take it upon itself to engage in efforts to resuscitate such state companies with a view to make them relevant and offer top notch services to the population it claims to serve.

But for the present DPP government, none of the above crosses its mind.

What crosses its mind is how to milk the already thin cows by running roughshod on these companies and councils to bleed them further and fulfil its selfish intention of wining and dining into the middle of the night under the ruse of fundraising for itself.

Mzuzu City is the most pathetic of the city councils. For three months, it has been unable to pay its staff on time because it does not just have the money. Its mayor uses a little inconspicuous ugly vehicle called Nissan March not out of choice but the force of dire financial circumstances.

It is from such a council that the DPP selfishly squeezed without mercy K3.5 million to fund their shindig of jiving, with President Peter Mutharika and the First Lady in tow, in Lilongwe at the pretext of fundraising.

Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) is pumping sewer into people’s homes under the guise of water because it has old, broken and outdated asbestos pipes that kiss with pipes carrying sewer, resulting in the two mixing and the end concoction being supplied to homes in Area 18.

Despite this, the water board has been able to donate large sums of money to the DPP’s Blue Night over the years, with the costs running in tens of millions of kwacha.

I can go on naming one example after another of how the DPP ransacks state companies and councils.

Even the First Lady’s charity, Beautify Malawi, takes part in this abuse, taking away resources meant for HIV and Aids services by forcing the National Aids Commission to donate to it— again, under the ruse of fundraising.

What is even more worrying is the high level of unbridled arrogance displayed by people such as Ntaba, as exemplified by his reaction to calls for the DPP to return money to impoverished councils such as Mzuzu.

Ntaba said on Monday that these calls are rubbish but I say to him what is utter garbage is his assertion that this money is given voluntarily to the DPP as that is a lie, a blue lie.

Malawians are not imbeciles not to know that DPP functionaries such as Ntaba go about bullying state companies and parastatal CEOs to take part in these selfish jamborees called Blue Nights or otherwise they risk being removed from their jobs after being called siwathu, a choice of diction which is dominating the DPP system lexicon from top to bottom.

But, in all this, the ultimate losers are we, Malawians, who are forced to drink sewer after the DPP ransack finances of bodies such as LWB.

Which is why we should have many Kajolowekas to take action and not just complain on Facebook.

For our own sake, we need to teach people such as Ntaba the art of not taking Malawians for granted.

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