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Hitting the nail: Admarc preparing to kill people again


The spot checks The Daily Times conducted across the country show that contrary to government’s commitment that Admarc would buy all local maize from farmers before the profit seeking vendors, the reality on the ground is actually opposite.

Perhaps Admarc is still grappling with signing tonnes upon tonnes of documents in order to get a loan from the banks which government guaranteed some weeks ago.

But as Admarc is sitting down properly, vendors are pouncing, mounting scales even in the remotest parts of the country and wiping out all the little maize there is in the countryside with a view to make a killing out of desperate Malawians when the food shortage reaches fever pitch in the coming months.


And so it will be the same story being written all over again. Poor Malawians will not afford the profit-oriented maize prices the vendors will be charging on the grain. Admarc will not have the maize and its depots will see long winding queues once again.

Desperate Malawians will be sleeping in a shamba style, packed like sardines at the Admarc depots throughout the country, waiting for the maize that is not even there as if they are in a Zomba Maximum Prison cell.

We will then hear stories of some unfortunate Malawians dying or innocent babies being thrown down in stampedes as desperate women scramble for food.


We will also hear of some unfortunate souls dying of hunger and malnutrition as they have no means and energy to look for food.

The government’s propaganda machine at the Ministry of Information will then go into an over-drive to paper over such reports by punching holes into them whenever they appear in the media.

Officials at Admarc and Ministry of Agriculture will take their turn and lie to President Peter Mutharika that they in fact have lots of maize and that it is unpatriotic Malawians who are spreading reports of deaths because they are hell-bent on tarnishing the otherwise good image of the DPP government.

Since the President likes to cocoon himself at the State House during such emergencies, he will believe it and will join in singing the Admarc chorus that all is well as far as maize is concerned.

This is what Malawi will be reduced to in the three months to come when the food situation starts to bite.

And it is what happens when you have a leadership that does not know the real meaning of an emergency and how to plan for it to minimise its impact.

It happened only three months ago and it will happen again because on account of what is obtaining on the ground, no lesson for future was learnt.

As for the vendors, they are doing what any sensible businessman would do in such a time and it is to make money from desperate Malawians.

It is Admarc and government that are charged with the responsibility of protecting vulnerable Malawians and make sure that their right to food is protected by sanitising the market with cheap maize in time of scarcity as will be the case in the coming months.

And they get paid handsomely for it but it does not seem to faze them. They are preparing to kill Malawians once again as they did three months ago. They are preparing to murder babies as it happened some months ago.

What else do you say of people that do not know the meaning of an emergency and how to plan and go round it?

They are murderers preparing to kill people again. It is simple.

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