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Hitting the nail: What’s there to butcher each other for?


Looking at the pictures that filtered through on that fateful Sunday from Mzuzu that showed blood soaked and disfigured faces of some miserable wretched human beings, I was left wondering and asking myself: What’s there presently in the political arena that would force an otherwise sensible human being to buy a brand new panga knife with an intent to harm another, all in the mighty name of politics?

For starters the issue is seemingly simple and it is this. MCP president Lazarus Chakwera had a rally scheduled for Mzuzu, ostensibly to talk about the opposition’s performance in Parliament that had just risen the previous Friday as well as take a few political potshots at the DPP government.

Birds of the same feathers flock together, so the old saying goes and at the MCP rally came along Aford’s Enock Chihana and PP’s Kamlepo Kalua.


The two, it appears muddied the water. MCP insists that the violence of pangas was unleashed by DPP government thugs while all evidence points to the PP imbroglio to be responsible.

Reports have it that when the thugs showed up, they demanded that all those wearing PP colours should leave the venue or risk their necks getting chopped by the brand new shiny panga knives.

And listening to the bastion of PP revolts, Reverend Mzomera Ngwira, it is clear the PP had a hand in the violence although MCP sticks to its theory that the ruling party is to blame.


Mzomera’s argument was that Chakwera should not have taken along with him Chihana and Kalua when he knew that there are divisions in PP in the North.

To me this is enough evidence that Ngwira knows something about the violence and the Police have somebody readily handy who can help them solve the crime that was perpetrated against innocent people that Sunday afternoon.

And I go back to my earlier question: What’s there to be gained from PP at the moment that somebody would want to risk murdering someone?

PP is a personal property of Joyce Banda and the reality is the party can never be taken seriously unless she comes back from her sojourn abroad to tell Malawians what she has up her sleeves in readiness for 2019.

Without this all pretenders to the PP throne are wasting their time and becoming political clowns and cartoons in broad daylight.

It is no brainer that Mzomera Ngwira is a crony of Khumbo Kachali and rooting for him to assume the leadership of PP. I would be interested to know what political pact the two have signed and what they hope to achieve when they eventually assume the leadership of PP, if at all they will.

But it is an empty pact and I do not see where it would lead them unless it is just a matter of being future kingmakers and using whatever leverage that can accrue from PP for their own political gain in any future political negotiations using their imaginary influence in the North.

Except that they are doing it the wrong way of unleashing political violence on those that seem not to buy in into their Machiavellian schemes and it will lead them to nowhere.

And the two should not make a mistake of thinking this political dirt is not sticking on them because it is and Kachali knows it. It is the reason why he came out very strongly against the violence this week to save face.

There is nothing in PP politics today to make one unleash violence on another and there will never be, in my view.

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