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Hitting the nail: Yes, DPP has caused hunger

The DPP is at greatest pains trying to dispel any slightest hint among Malawians that the present food shortage that will see close to three million people on the brink of disaster and ruin is not its fault.

This view has the seal of approval of none other than President Peter Mutharika himself who said the other week that Malawians better blame El Nino that has come about due to climatic change and not his beloved DPP government.

It all explains why the Ministry of Information has become a propaganda machine, churning out press releases defending this and that on the food shortage.

But when all is said and concluded, the problem of food shortage in this country cannot be attributed to the weather of God but should be placed at the door step of President Mutharika and his DPP government.

The DPP cloth has healthy maize cobs on it as a stand out feature. The party has always touted itself as the champion of food security. In fact the first president of the party, the late Bingu wa Mutharika who happens to be the brother to APM, was sold as the champion of food security after he introduced the fertiliser subsidy in 2005 which coincided with good rains.

From that moment on, DPP was happy to campaign heavily on food security until the weather and El Nino started laughing at them.

They were happy to use it as propaganda tool and proclaim to the world that they have ended hunger in Malawi. They went around the world collecting awards in the name of ending hunger in Malawi based on the fertiliser subsidy supported by rain fed agriculture.

I remember during the campaign for 2014 elections, the DPP was packing a pick up vehicle with healthy dry maize cobs just to drive home a point that they are a party we should entrust to achieve food security for us.

Today they cannot turn around and say they should not be blamed. It is first class dishonestly and Malawians are being conned once again.

In any case who else should we blame? The last time I checked, DPP is the party that is in power. They control everything including the national kitty. They make the policies.

It is basic knowledge that rain fed agriculture has become unsustainable and the country must find an alternative as everybody has been saying. Who else can do this?

Who is spending K60 billion every year buying fertilisers and distributing it freely to farmers to simply waste it in the soil because there is no proper rain to dissolve it for crops? What do we have to show for the billions that Goodall Gondwe is happy to spend on FISP when the country is buying food from Zambia?

Simply put, our agriculture is in a mess because we are doing the wrong things when the times we are living in demand that we do something different.

The reforms in agriculture cannot be done by anybody else but government and championed by the President.

He has power and authority to do it. He has not done it. His DPP government has not done it and yes he is to blame.

Because he has not done it, families are suffering and will continue to suffer until another harvest time which is April next year. This is assuming that come October 2016 to March 2017, the country will receive good rains.

This is tempting fate and it will not help this country. What will help Malawians is vision in Agriculture accompanied by robust plans to achieve that vision.

This has not happened under the watch of President Peter Mutharika. It is the real cause of hunger and he and his government are to blame.

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