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Hold suspected fraud culprits to account


Recent developments at Capital Hill, more specifically at the Treasury, have left us speechless and shaken to the core, considering the staggering amounts that are believed to have been needlessly squandered through double payments, ghost workers and gratuity to undeserving officers.

It is despicable that someone at the Accountant General’s Department can manage to sleep so soundly, having dipped their hand in the cookie jar by fishing out payment cheques and cash meant for civil service retirees, death gratuity for former civil servants for the benefit of their dependants such as children, widows and widowers. What is more painful is that somebody who is supposed to be the rightful beneficiary could be wallowing in poverty and misery while his or her millions of kwacha are being blown away by crooked civil servants.

The authorities should get rid of such deadwood and should not end there but ensure that they are made to pay for the millions of kwacha they have pocketed illegally.


For a minute, we were under the impression that corruption of cashgate proportions was a thing of the past under the current administration but it appears critics have been vindicated that rampant corruption is still thriving with utter carelessness and disregard of the law.

By now, government should have ensured that all loopholes that were allowing public servants to siphon money from the public purse are sealed, as opposed to constantly floating tenders for works towards improvement of its Integrated Financial Management Systems which seem to have no end.

Let us close all the leaky taps at the Treasury once and for all, and just may be we might be able to savage the little pride that is left of our country’s battered image, which has largely been soiled by acts of corruption and crookedness. Let us be steadfast in implementing strategies toward the cause and rebuild the moral turpitude we have lost along the way.


As we inch towards elections next year, it would also be a good idea to have political parties commit, in black and white, towards eradicating such malpractices and such instruments have to be legally binding.

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