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Holding a sceptre


LESS than two years to the next general elections, as expected, everyone seems to have switched to an elections mode.

Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have an almost impossible task to clean up the mess they have created in the past three years as they seek re-election, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is a mad house with its leadership pulling in opposite directions, the People’s Party (PP) is trying so hard to savage what remains of its battered image while the United Democratic Front(UDF) is cold and lifeless after a political cardiogenic shock from its unmatched romance with the DPP.

All these parties, if asked, will tell you with confidence that they are the next best thing Malawi must have come 2019. But looking at them closely, it is when one realises that we are damned. Between 2012 and 2014 when Madame Joyce Banda was busy disorganising the nation, everyone thought they would do a better job than her.


That is why we even had 12 presidential candidates, including Peter Mutharika. In case you have forgotten. Before 2014, Peter was known for his record failure at every ministry his brother Bingu pushed him to. But having a serial blunderer at the helm in the name of Joyce Banda made people confident to give a shot at the presidency. Sadly he won, and the results of an accidental presidency are all we are witnessing now. Last week one Muhammad Sidik Mia—who surprisingly continues to swim in the fantasy of greatness—came out to declare that he will run for the vice presidency in 2019. He did not mention his political bedfellow but all of us know where he is heading to. Mia’s particular choice of position—the vice presidency—only buttress

rumours that he is headed for the MCP. Actually, the allegoric statement by MCP Vice President Richard Msowoya is evidence that something is cooking in the MCP.

Mia, I must say honestly, does not seem like the brightest bulb in the box. His greatest strength is his wealth. With him likely joining the MCP, it means the MCP will benefit from his wealth. Of course when the MCP eventually wins in 2019 with Mia pairing Lazarus Chakwera, the former will obviously get back his money and we all know who is going to pay.


Contracts, contracts and more contracts. Mia’s announcement of his return to politics is, again, a reminder that everyone thinks he or she is good enough to run

this country. You cannot blame them of course because just like it was with Joyce Banda, we now have a fraud of a president in Peter Mutharika who everyone—perhaps except—his jingoists think they can run the show better. Take, for instance, right now Chakwera seems a better option. But Chakwera has failed

to run the MCP and his party is in tatters. And one thing that I believe Malawians have chosen to pay a blind eye to is what MCP might become when it comes to power in the next polls. For those who believe having MCP in power is solution to Malawi’s problems my word is simple, there will be no changes. Look, the way MCP reacted when the issue of the Salima

Lilongwe water project was being debated should be a pointer than the party is not holier than the thieves we currently have in power. And the most frightening thing is that the MCP, once in power, will try to recover from the quarter century it has been in financial aridity. And we know what this means. In the Northern Region, the DPP, in trying to save face welcome back to its fold Christopher Mzomera Ngwira. People, I am told, regard Ngwira as a political heavyweight, whatever that means. But to me Ngwira is a political harlot who jumps from one bed to the other and cannot be politically trusted.

When Bingu wa Mutharika died in 2012, Mzomera Ngwira was the one who offered a word of prayer at the first-post Bingu rally the DPP held at Thyolo. Mzomera Ngwira’s was not a prayer but a direct insult to Joyce Banda who was then president.

A few months later this Ngwira guy was lured to the camp of the same Joyce Banda he earlier insulted. When he was orange, Ngwira had no kind words for the DPP which he constantly referred to as a dead and hopeless party. Now, because political parties in this country are desperate and have no standards, Ngwira is now back to the DPP.

Political parties can really be stupid. Now all these movements just show that political parties in the country are a confused lot and do not have standards or foundations on which they are built.

Obviously, if we tolerate such political whoring and as long as we embrace politicians because of their wealth not what they have upstairs, this country will always have frauds holding the sceptre.


What is the police smoking? WHATEVER the police is smoking must be banned. It must be illegal. On Friday our peace in my Ndirande was unnecessarily disturbed by some rowdy and mad policemen and women who carelessly shot teargas in the streets and in the homes. I was and I am still mad with the police who fired teargas right outside our home in my Ndirande. I think the police have a serious lack of anti-riot skills. In Ndirande, the situation was not even a riot but some dagga chewing policemen excited by pulling the trigger who decided to create a mess. Now what is the justification of firing teargas very close to homes? Who trains our police on how to handle such situations like that in my Ndirande. Because of the barbaric handling of the situation learning was disturbed and parents ran helter-skelter.

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