Hospitality firms knocked hard

CHURCH—We are taking care of employees’ social needs

The hospitality industry remains among key sectors greatly affected by Covid-19 pandemic with some firms now resorting to cut employees’ salaries by 50 percent.

Some staff from some top hotels who spoke on condition of anonymity said the salary slash is attributed to effects of Covid-19 as businesses are now fragile.

In one of the hotels, a 20 percent cut has been effected across the board but employees in grade C1 and above are expected to get a 50 percent cut in coming months.


Players in the industry have already given up on resuscitating business in the remaining half of the year as they continue operating on losses due to the pandemic.

In an interview, Ryralls Hotels Managing Director, David Church, said at the firm, a stance has been taken accompanied by other measures aimed at safeguarding social wellbeing of employees.

“There is a 50 percent salary cut, but there is also a 50 percent reduction in working hours. We are still looking after medical care and other necessities. We are also focused on creative ways to improve both services and offerings,” Church said.


In a separate interview, Sunbird Hotels and Resorts, Chief Executive Officer, Yusuf Olela, said Covid-19 has brought devastating effects to business but the firm has come up with various survival interventions.

“Already, in other organisations people have lost jobs. Specific percentage is a confidential matter between employees and employer after reaching consent and just the same way, salaries remain a confidential matter,” Olela said.

In an earlier interview Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Wildlife, Isaac Katopola, said players in the industry requested for a possible bail out from the government.

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