Hot weather to persist


By Jameson Chauluka

The Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services (DCCMS) has warned that the country will continue experiencing hot to very hot weather up to Sunday, December 12.

This comes at a time the country is into its third month of the rainy season, according to the department.


A statement, which department director Jolam Nkhonkwe has signed, indicates that rains would start on Sunday, December 12, singling out southern parts of the country.

DCCMS announced that the country went into the rainy season on October 1 this year, running for six months up to April next year.

In Times Radio’s ‘Galamukani’ programme last Thursday, only one person out of 34 who sent messages indicated that rains have been falling normally in Traditional Authority Ngabu, Nsanje District.


The rest said either there were no rains or the rains just came for a few days and stopped.

Contributors from Machinjiri and Lirangwe in Blantyre said there were no rains although DCCMS indicated in its forecast that, in November, most areas in Blantyre were likely to get rainfall of up to around 150 millimetres (mm), which would be within the normal-to-above normal rainfall range.

According to the department, rainfall amounts ranging from 175mm to 200mm are expected over most areas this December.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Grecian Lungu said the ministry works with DCCMS to advise farmers on rainfall patterns.

He said they advised farmers to be cautious and not plant with early rains called Chizimalupsa.

“We expected substantial rains between the end of November and early December. There is no need for panic for now because we have been assured of normal-to-above-normal rains. So, whether the start is mid-December, we will still have enough rains for the agriculture season,” he said.

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