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Hugging Satan

That the judgement passed by the Constitutional Court in the presidential election case on Monday, February 3, is monumental is now tired discourse.

From that ruling, Malawi has etched itself in history as land that still has some order despite being mired in corruption. For all who can easily discern, the May 21 2019 Tripartite Elections were shambolic and messy and to put things in raw terms, those polls were a perfect example of how an election must never be conducted.

The wave of discontentment that came after the elections was evidence. Not to my memory have we seen Malawians taking to the streets with legendary tenacity and resilience as was the case after the elections. People wanted and demanded justice and justice was duly delivered to them by the five judges who refused to sacrifice the nation on the altar of greed when some people tried to bribe them.

After the judgement, there has been peace and you know why. The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) whose leader Peter Mutharika was declared an illegal winner of the polls, must never brag that it is a peaceful party because they have been quiet after the judgement. You and I know that the DPP is an antithesis of democratic principles and is a grouping of rogues.

We are here talking about a party whose senior members can stoop so low to utter profanities with regrettable expertise and they still go unpunished. This is a party whose youths will go about brandishing machetes and threatening people yet no one in the party’s hierarchy has the guts to repudiate them.

The reason peace has prevailed after the judgement is not that DPP has all of a sudden transformed into a peace-loving, tolerant and democratically progressive entity. The reason is that the DPP had its devilish machinations with its ally, Malawi Electoral Commission (Mec) to rob Malawians of a chance to elect a person of their choice at the polls and the party knows it is guilty as charged.

The reason the DPP, led by Mutharika, has appealed the judgement by the Constitutional Court is a matter of working so hard to remain relevant and create a true illusion of a false reality that justice did not prevail. Actually, when one is living in a mirage, it is understandable that the mind becomes crowded.

When Mutharika gave us that brief blubber on the decision to appeal, you could see from the face that the man is tired and being tortured by some evil people who would want him to remain their front man while they continue their grand loot as the big man is dosing.

While biggie is in a trance, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM are busy giving it all to be just some confused groupings. I said it the other day that MCP and UTM’s union during the time of the court case was just convenient. Actually, it was an intimacy of deprived souls. The two were fighting the devil together because they wanted enough ammo. Once they achieved what they wanted, they have gone their separate ways.

What we should expect after the judgement are queer unions some of which will even make the devil puke with disgust. Everyone is on a desperate marathon to State House and when it comes to this, brains go on vacation and greed takes over. But we can always expect this from these crooks that veil themselves in masks of patriotism while you and I clap our torn hands for them.

I vehemently refuse to ever trust any politician. But what I can only offer is a warning that one day, one will regret the decision of hugging satan.

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