Humility is the torch


When you are becoming outstanding and when your dreams are falling into the right places, it is very easy to become arrogant and to start behaving godly, thus eventually losing track with reality.

Success can be deceiving. But there is something that you always have to understand. Your success will only be recognised if it is a torch to the lives of others. A torch loses nothing, so said Mother Theresa, if it lights another torch. The key principle that will take you higher on the success ladder is humility.

John Leach is right. It is easy to think that you are superior to others once you have enjoyed a number of successes, but this is a big mistake as it will drive people away from you and severely disrupt the pursuit of your dream.


You have to realise that, in life, you are not the only person with all the right answers. Learn to listen from the points of others and find great substance in their views and polish their ideas if necessary. Diamond is nothing until it is polished. Run away from the arrogant behaviour of ignoring the views of others. No person on earth has the monopoly of wisdom.

As you are rising on the success ladder, never ever ridicule others who do not agree with you. There is greatness in the diversity of opinions. Appreciate that, as humans, we look at things differently and that we all have feelings. You will be a great person if you take into account the feelings of others.

People that are humble leave a mark of greatness wherever they go. Look at the world’s richest person Bill Gates. You would not notice him in a group. He is such a symbol of humility. The same is true of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook. Followers of the world’s greatest entrepreneur Steve Jobs will agree that he was so humble. Come to think of Nelson Mandela, Ban Ki Moon, Mahatma Gandhi and many others. It is not pride that brings you respect. It is your achievements dressed in robes of humility that do.


Possibly, it is essential that we cascade down to the local scene. Despite all their influence, success and wealth, Thomson Mpinganjira the business magnate and billionaire remains a humble person; the Mpatsa Holdings business empire tycoon Jimmy Korea-Mpatsa is no different; corporate guru George Partridge walks with the cloak of humility around his shoulders; development economist and distinguished Reserve Bank of Malawi Governor Dalitso Kabambe is such a humble figure that you would not recognise his greatness on sight until you listen to him and people mention his name. In mind also comes philanthropist Napoleon Dzombe; a brightening torch of humility.

When you are humble, people feel comfortable to come to you for help, people feel comfortable to give you ideas and people feel comfortable to entrust you with other responsibilities. When you are humble, you become a leader.

Jim Collins said: “Humility is a sign of a great leader.”

William Penn said: “Sense shines with a double lustre when it is set in humility. An able and yet a humble man is a jewel worth a kingdom.”

It is not easy to be a successful person and remain humble but it is possible. It all starts with the realisation that your success should be a magnet to others other than a repelling force to them. You have to train yourself to be humble and allow others to take the shining moment at times.

People will always respect you whatever the case because you have already made a name. You may not give a comment to anything but your presence alone, even by the mere nodding of the head, will make people mention you. Be a person of measured words; words that build not break; words cast in the stone of humility.

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