Hypnotised by Windows Phone


The more I use Android, the more I miss my defunct Windows Lumia Phone. It was bliss, and was not resource hungry; with disgraceful 512 MB RAM, the smartphone never howled.

I knew exactly where what was. With Android 10, I have to do pretty good guessing to find a file location.

Android is great. It’s just that for those of us who have come a long way with Microsoft Windows operating system developed familiarity. We are its converts. And matters of religion can be hypnotising.


Windows Phone was a part of an ecosystem. My laptop and desktop recognised my Windows Phone even from deep sleep (sleep mode).

Microsoft abandoned Windows phone not because it was not good. Windows did not have as much apps coded for it as Android.

Microsoft came to the smartphone party late. By that time, all the wine had gushed through the throats of the imbibers; and only empty bottles lay on the wet and smelling floor.


Two months ago, Microsoft launched Windows 11. It’s a beauty in many ways. To begin with, the interface is gorgeous. From the beginning, Windows was never about fads and fashion, it was about functionality.

On the other side of the design equation is the iPhone’s fashion design philosophy. First it is about the looks and then engineers are pushed to the wall to make it work.

The Windows Phone was traditional design process; Engineers fashioned it and told designers to house it as comfortable as possible. Looks were not desired but functionality.

In fashion design; it is about a romantic marriage between beauty and functionality.

Windows 11 can run Android apps. So, why did Microsoft kill Windows Phone? Microsoft should have just made those Android apps run on the Windows Phone OS.

As easy as that may sound, Google was probably not going to have any of such. In business world, everybody is for oneself (Donald Trump, Think Big). After all, human beings are narcistic; it’s just a question of whether one tips towards malignant narcissism or not (Robert Green, The Art of Human Nature).

It was a question of power. Google captured Microsoft. Interestingly, Microsoft seems to be the real winner. The company just replaced Apple as the most valuable company in the world.

Behind WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter are Microsoft Servers. These gigantic computers pull the strings. That said, I miss my Nokia Lumia 640. I still have it, but like a dead body, no blood is flowing in its vessels.

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