I am done with music—Third Eye

DONE WITH MUSIC—Third Eye captured in a photo shoot

Third Eye, real name Mandela Mwanza, is regarded as one of the finest rappers in the country.

His lyrics, in most cases poetic, attempt to discuss issues that matter to human life but are always with a local touch.

However, it is time for Third Eye to drop the microphone. He believes he has done his part.


“I just feel like I have more to offer to Africans than just a voice,” he said in an exclusive interview.

For some, it may sound like a 2020 joke but Third Eye say he is “destined for other things.”

This might not be the first time he has done this—talking about bowing out of music but the husky voiced rapper insists that “this is serious”.


He said this might be the last interview he was granting regarding music, as he was closing the chapter.

Is there something wrong in music? Is he frustrated?

“I just turned 36 years about a week and half ago and that means I am not in the youth bracket anymore. Music is for the youth. Let us leave it to them,” Third Eye said.

However, many would argue that Music, as a talent, might not require one to retire and literally close the chapter. Not to Third Eye, though.

He believes it is time for him to stop and pave way for up-and-coming artists.

“Once you are 35 years, you have to retire from music and let the younger one prosper. That is the standard I have set myself. I am hoping that standard is passed on to our young artists like Eli Njuchi and Amaka. They are 16, 17, and they need space,” he said.

Third Eye maintained that the veterans need to step aside and fully support the budding artists.

“You have to let go for the industry to grow. That is just my train of thought right now. I am playing my part by retiring,” he says, adding that “I feel like I am 55 years old in the Civil Service. I am taking up too much space and stifling the growth of the young”.

Third Eye said times change and that he had adapted too many times since 2005 both in Kenya and Malawi and other countries in between like Morocco, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and United States of America where he has displayed his art.

“So, I would not blame it on failure to adapt to changing times. And to answer the question of some musicians going all the way with music, ‘that’s them’… this is me,” he said.

The rapper said he came into the industry on his own terms and that he leaves as such.

What next?

“I have been working on Rediyo Music App in the past six years. My railway project for almost three years. These are the fields I am about to focus on as Chief Executive Officer of Soul Rebel Entertainment and Future Unlimited,” he said.

Third Eye also hinted that he is talking to the Cannabis Regulatory Authority about the prospects.

“Hopefully the prospects will mature into global actualities. Basically, I simply have no time to do music anymore therefore my decision. I am focusing on implementing real change for Malawi not ideas,” he said.

Third Eye dropped out of college in Kenya to pursue music fulltime in 2005 when he was 21 years old and went on to release his debut album in Malawi in 2007.

Lessons learnt in music exploits?

“If any, I would best keep them to myself and that’s my take home from this 15 year old journey,” he said.

Third Eye early this year worked on an African Union song that speaks volume of what young people are facing including unemployment.

The artist said that his last album is No Room for Era.

“No Room for Era is my last album. It’s just time for me to close this book full of many chapters.

It has been a great experience and through the ups and downs, my fans have never left my side. I feel complete. Fulfilled,” the rapper said.

Some of the albums, Third Eye has released over the 15 years he has been doing music include Imagine Being Jesus and Not KnowingIt, Taking Candy from a Blind Baby, The Hat trick, Broken Verses, Kumidima, Third World Citizen, It’s Over, Highly Underrated, No Room for Era, No Room for Era 2 and No Room for Era 3.

His retirement is surely a blow to the industry as music lovers still expected more from the rapper and hopefully he can rethink his decision.

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