I am not a drug addict—Twin M

TWIN M —This can happen to anyone

One half of the dynamic afro-pop group Twin M, Aaron Masauli, famed for the hit ‘Ndizifinyika’ has said that he is not a drug addict and that he does not smoke marijuana.

Twin M was reacting to reports which have been making rounds on social media following his collapse on stage at Squirrels Park in Mzuzu on Friday during a performance that this was due to drugs and alcohol abuse.

“I can confirm that I collapsed on stage but this is not due to alcohol or drug abuse as some people are putting it. My twin brother was the first one to collapse backstage, then it also happened to me while I was performing. This has never happened to us,” Twin M said.


He maintained that he does not drink excessively and that he does not use drugs.

“It is unfortunate that instead of people wishing us well, they are busy tarnishing our image. This can happen to anyone and people should learn to ask to avoid disseminating fake news,” he said.

A video of his collapse circulated on social media before Twin M posted a video saying that he was fine alongside his brother and that they do not drink excessively let alone smoke marijuana and use drugs.


Following the video, some people have also hit at Twin M saying he was not supposed to send such a video but rather could have thanked the people, who helped him when he collapsed on stage.

Club 24/7 owner, McDonald Soko, who organised the shows dubbed ‘Hitmakers’ concerts, said Twin M suffered mild convulsions.

“This was so because his blood sugar went low (hypoglycemia) which made him feel dizzy. He was given the necessary support and he performed brilliantly at Club 24/7 the following day. Twin M did not profusely bleed through his mouth and nose as claimed in some social media platforms. He sustained a cut to his head because of the neck bracelet which he wore,” Soko said.

He said Twin M was taken to Mzuzu Central Hospital as a precautionary measure.

Soko has since indicated that Twin M alongside his brother were fine and that the ‘Hitmakers’ concerts will continue with next on the ladder being concerts at Modern Park in Balaka and Davido Lounge in Mangochi on March 6 and March 7 2020 respectively.

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