I am traumatised —Mzuzu City Mayor


Mzuzu City Mayor, William Mkandawire, has said his family is traumatised following the recent attack by unknown thugs who stoned and broke window panes at his house.

The unknown attackers, who the council suspects are vendors whose shops were demolished, also wanted to set the house ablaze.

Speaking in an interview with The Daily Times, the Mayor said his family is still in shock and frightened but was quick to say his strength comes from the support he is getting from the electorate.


“Of course, my family is traumatised because, honestly, we never thought that people would have such an evil scheme. However, I am strong, secure and ready to continue serving the people of Mzuzu City. My family’s fears cannot affect my political line. I know things are not the same following the incident but I am focused to serve my ward and the entire people of the city,” Mkandawire said.

He, however, denied reports that he is lodging in a boys’ quarter somewhere in Mzuzu, arguing he maintained his house using personal money but could not disclose how much it cost him.

However, a psychologist from St. John of God School of Health Sciences, Ndumanene Silungwe, said the mayor needs counseling, arguing the attack can affect his personal and work life.


“Such incidents can lead to sleepless nights, insecure feeling; a development which has potential to affect his performance. Therefore, if he can first accept his current situation, he can go for counselling,” Silungwe said.

Meanwhile, police are yet to arrest any suspect in connection to the attack and the arson at the planning department offices.

Northern Region Police spokesperson, Peter Kalaya, said the police are still investigating the matter.

But the police have finally deployed police officers to enhance security at the mayor’s private residence since the incident.

However, one the councillors in Mzuzu City, Charles Mulogera, queried the delay by the police to make arrests, arguing attacking the mayor is a serious matter that needs attention.

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