I have lived to do music for fun—Sean Morgan

ARTIST OF THE MOMENT — Morgan whose hit Ndidzagenda has been trending

As an adolescent boy, singing in a choir at church was something Sean Morgan could get involved in just as a hobby or a routine activity but little did he know he was building himself up for a great thing in future.

And growing up in a family of talents; his mother a singer and [his] uncle a footballer who used to play for the Malawi national football team, all he knew, while growing up, was that singing and music is done for fun. He did not know exactly how to take it further; be it to radio stations or elsewhere. All he knew was that music is done in choirs and it ends there. He did not know that music could be precious gold.

And then one day, while listening to a reggae beat together with his father, who was a fan of reggae music particularly that of Bob Marley and Morgan Heritage, he gathered enough courage as he felt he could come up with a song over the beat. Born Khumbo Kafwafwa, the musician grew up in Lilongwe’s Area 25 before he moved to Mzuzu.


He proceeded to record the song and soon he would discover that music was his God-given talent.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, goes the saying. After he recorded the first track, it somehow helped unmask the talent hidden in him.

Today, he has asserted his mark such that his name cannot be omitted when counting reggae and reggae-dancehall musicians locally. He is fast becoming a good wine.


Sean Morgan is one musician whose talent continues to escalate on the local scene; having released various songs including the latest one Ndidzagenda, whose video has been trending.

“Well, growing in a family of various talents and people that love music, I [used] to take for granted my art until in the year 2016 when I recorded my first single.

“On my first day in the studios, after finishing my recording, the producer asked me under what name he should save my track. I had no idea of what stage name to give to myself until him [the Producer] related my singing to that of Morgan Heritage. He then said I should be going by the name Sean Morgan,” explained the artist.

He took the track home where he let his family and friends sample it.

“I did not have any idea of what further steps to take. I didn’t know much about the music industry, about taking songs to radio stations etcetera,” he said.

Two years later, in 2018, he dropped another track titled Black teacher. After the audio, the producer encouraged him to do visuals of it, and thereafter, he took a break and went to school.

As time went by, he recorded more songs, among them; Anamva, Mantha, Ndakupatsa, a reggae cover which was initially done by Rashley and the more recent Ndidzagenda.

Apart from the mentioned tracks, Sean Morgan has also registered his name in a number of international riddims like Jamaican Envy and Zimbabwean Dadament.

“It has, of course, been an exciting journey, and jumping into those international riddims, especially the Jamaican one, has been an achievement to me,” said the musician, who was in 2020 nominated as one of the local best dancehall acts.

And shedding more light about his new release Ndidzagenda, Sean Morgan said it is based on true occurrence.

“Actually what happened was, a fan called me and he complained, [wondering] why I have been quiet in terms of dropping songs. I explained to him the reasons, one being that I am very much occupied with studies. The fan went on to complain and expressed how much he loves my music. It was the moment I came up with the concept of the track,” he said.

As regards his reaction to the frenzy created by his new release, he said he is very much overwhelmed and is short of words. He did not know the tune will become as hot as hell.

“The response has been above par and I never expected that honestly. It has attracted over 40,000 views in about 24 hours and it’s something new to me. It has conquered almost all social media platforms; we talk of TikTok, Twitter and Facebook, among others. People are enjoying it, and I am going to continue doing what I have done,” he added.

Citing money as, among others, a major hiccup that could stand in his way as far as the music journey is concerned; the artist also highlighted piracy as being another major setback.

“I have noted that I am one underrated musician, thus, my touch is international, it is that hard for Malawians to fully welcome my songs unless if done in Chichewa,” he said.

“Sometimes it also becomes so hurtful when we release a song, we share a link, and people still choose to request it [the track] via WhatsApp. That takes us back because it means we are continuing to lose resources instead of reaping from what we have planted.”

A musician who has never released any compilation, be it an album or an Extended Playlist (EP), this year he plans to come up with one and as well more music videos.

He did primary education at Wisdom Centre (private) from where he was later on selected to Mkomachi Community Day Secondary School, but finished at Phwezi (boys) Secondary in Mzimba.

Currently, Sean Morgan is studying at the Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must) where, all things being equal, he will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Musicology.

He says he respects every local artist who does dancehall, but he puts hats off for the legendary musicians Lucius Banda and the late Wambali Mkandawire.

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