I make what I am


What you have – talent, skills, knowledge and wisdom – is the most significant asset to becoming the success you want to become. Never underestimate what you have. Start with what you have, then success unlimited will follow.

No one will make you become that which you ought to be. People can only help you in molding you towards your desired destiny of life but they cannot make you the YOU you want. The making of the YOU you want is on yourself.

If your life is in debt every day, if your colleagues are rising at their workplaces and you seem to be the only one unappreciated and success is eluding you, do not blame circumstances, do not blame people, do not even blame yourself but take it as an opportunity to assess yourself and remould yourself into the successful person you want to become.


If you are a perennial struggler with financial instability the most obvious reason could be that you are self-deceiving yourself in terms of your earnings and the lifestyle you live. Some of the debts you are incurring are speaking in silence to you that you are living a life that is not matching – you are making yourself the poor you. To make you that is financially stable, you would need to change your lifestyle, move out of the cocoon of lifestyles of opulence and flamboyance and make the necessary sacrifices to start saving and investing.

It remains true in the corridors of employment. Make yourself the best candidate for promotion. Give yourself the attitude of success; complain less, work hard, compliment others, take responsibility for assignments accorded to you. Consider you are the manager of your life and you are looking at your life differently – how it approaches work, its interactions with others, input towards corporate values, and all associated attributes the organisation your life is working for would need to be successful, would you promote your life to the next level at the corporate ladder of the office?

We normally deceive ourselves that we are the best; then we mourn when the environment does not resonate with that thinking. Unmask the veil of pride that is blinding you to reality. Pride will leave you with a hurtful feeling that you are the best and that other people are spanners in the wheels of your development. Truth be told, many people want you to be successful but it will take you to make it to be successful. You are standing on the edge of success; you just have to make it happen.


Do you want to be a writer? Make it happen. Do you want to be a celebrated sporting icon? Make it happen. Do you want to be a corporate guru? Make it happen. Do you crave to be the most outstanding entrepreneur? Make it happen. All the personalities you admire in whatever fields of study or life made it happen and you can make it happen as well.

Richard Tambulasi became one of the youngest professors in Malawi and rose quickly to become Principal of the University of Malawi. He made it happen. Dr Thomson Mpinganjira built a bank with the largest network in Malawi. He made it happen. Terence Namaona perfected the art of architecture and became a renowned figure. He made it happen. Bingu wa Mutharika moved from an unknown political novice into a celebrated development economist and leader who changed the developmental face of Malawi. He made it happen. Vanda Phekani has shown that horticulture can make a difference in people’s lives. She made it happen. Jimmy Koreia Mpatsa joined the billionaires club in Malawi. He made it happen.

Whatever you want to be, know that it is possible but, for it to happen, you have to make it happen; otherwise, you will ever live and die in the world of fantasy. Go beyond dreaming. Start working hard on your dreams, resiliently of course

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