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The idea that some civil society organizations (CSOs) had to talk to the ruling DPP in the hope that the party would stop the thuggery of bullying parastatals and state companies into giving it money for its shindigs was a waste of time.

As I predicted this two weeks ago, it has come to pass after the first meeting.

The five CSOs are frustrated, just like their colleagues such as Public Affairs Committee (Pac) before them.


And their frustration is understandable and it is down to their inability to understand the DNA of the DPP and its skewed understanding of how it views dialogue.

You see, for DPP, dialogue is not meant to achieve common ground in the pursuit of addressing concerns and worries that Malawians have about how this country is governed.

Rather, for DPP the call to dialogue with any interest group is meant to achieve one thing, which is to silence them and subdue them into submission.


This was clearly on display during the meeting with CSOs two weeks ago at Golden Peacock Hotel.

The only thing that the two sides agreed was the senselessness of Hetherwick Ntaba and Gresseder wa Jeffrey calling the concerns that Malawians have against the party’s abuse of parastatals rubbish and that they are marijuana smokers or achamba. The DPP side apologized for it.

And that was the only thing on which the meeting spoke with one voice. On all other demands the CSOs got nothing.

They did not get anything on their demand that the DPP furnishes them with a list of parastatals that contributed money for their late-into-the night shindig and how much they contributed, just like they got nothing on their other demand that the party pays back this money.

When the CSOs asked for another meeting, the DPP applied the next step in its manual handbook on how to manage dialogue with notorious opponents, and it was to come up with excuses.

This time the excuse was simple and it was that the secretary general Gresseder wa Jeffrey was taken ill.

Surprisingly, the media was able to talk to her and she did not sound like someone who is ill.

In any case, where were the other members of the DPP team? Does everything stop in DPP because the esteemed secretary general is absent? Was she the head of the delegation? I thought Ntaba is more senior than her in the party?

But in the end, it was what it was; an excuse to abandon dialogue altogether and it was coming straight from the DPP’s handbook on how to frustrate Malawians when they have worries and concerns.

All the talk that you hear of DPP trying to dialogue with this one and that one is fake and empty.

It is a repeated script of buying time that has served it so well all these years, to dupe and subdue Malawians into utter submission so they forget worries and issues of concern as it continues its abuse and mismanagement of our lives unabated.

The DPP tones down at the right time and in the case of the five civil society organizations, it was due to the realization that dismissing them with a wave of its hand is not working.

It treated and continues to treat Public Affairs Committee (Pac) the same way of pretending it is interested to talk on a round table but, when it happens, it gives little away.

That is why President Peter Mutharika would meet top Pac leaders live on TV, just to embarrass them in front of his own 12 member delegation.

He would then form a bogus ministerial committee, whose only mandate was to come up with one excuse after the other, so that no meaningful meeting takes place.

One day, the excuse would be Parliament was in session while the other it would be travel by ministers involved.

In the end, no meeting took place and the matter was conveniently swept under the carpet and DPP was well and good while PAC was in utter shame.

I keep on saying these are the tactics of the DPP government, well crafted, polished and mastered through practice all these years.

Which is why, for the impunity of abusing parastatals and state companies, Malawians require stronger action.

It includes asking a High Court judge to tell us whether it is right that the DPP continues to abuse Malawians by bullying parastatals into giving it money they do not have, thereby offering poor goods and services to the long suffering Malawians.

Malawians have suffered enough at the hands of struggling state companies that cannot even repair a broken water pipe because government does not invest a penny into them, leaving the care of the lives of Malawians into the hands of donors.

The ample truth is that DPP only listens to protests, strikes and court cases.

It is what the CSOs must be doing as they have decided and not falling for useless dialogue with DPP.

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