I will not fail— Lazarus Chakwera

WORKING TOGETHER— Chilima (right) welcomes Chakwera

President Lazarus Chakwera Saturday challenged his critics that he will not fail in serving Malawians and that his quest of creating a new Malawi of prosperity for everyone will succeed.

Speaking during the commemoration service of worship for one of the country’s freedom fighters, Reverend John Chilembwe, at the Providence Industrial Mission (PIM) headquarters, Chakwera charged that he is aware of systematic acts of sabotage and ill-will among some people which he said are a result of non-patriotism.2

Hinting on the two weeks ultimatum that some civil society organisations led by activist-cum-politician Bon Kalindo gave his administration last week to solve some of the challenges the country is facing, Chakwera raised concern that some of such sentiments come from a place desperate to see the continued suffering of Malawi.


The Malawi leader then called for mindset change among Malawians, saying that is what Chilembwe intended during the 1915 uprising.

“I don’t like politics of hypocrisy; let’s stick to what is right. After all, as a country, we have a lot of potential. We have some shrewd people who are specialised in stealing from their own people, so that when their people starve, it will seem as though Chakwera has failed to deliver. Chakwera will not fail; you will be ashamed,” the President said.

He then stressed that Chilembwe’s embodiment and advancement of a decolonised mindset is one of the most enduring legacies and that a decolonised mind is that which puts Malawi first.


“And to build a new Malawi that is the decolonised mindset that we need today. Chilembwe’s life teaches us that a decolonised mindset maximises local resources to build something that lasts… He did not allow the resources that he did not have to paralyse him from getting started,” he said.

President Chakwera then challenged Malawians not to fear challenging and opposing foreign ideas and agents with questionable intentions for the country.

He said to be able to do that people of Malawi must do away with the spirit of looking down on their own country and allowing superiority complexes against the country to reign.

“We must never allow ourselves to be used by foreign agents as pawns for destroying our own country and betraying our own people. We must never join the bandwagon of those who find it trendy and fashionable to mock this country,” he added.

Speaking before Chakwera, Vice-President Saulos Chilima described Chilembwe as one of Malawi’s prominent sons, saying he was a leader with a mission for his people and was determined to transform his country into a civilised society.

He said the selfless  like Chilembwe should never be omitted in the minds of Malawians. sacrifice of people

On his part, PIM leader Reverend Wilson Mitambo asked government to invest resources in turning the PIM mission into a national heritage centre, a request which Chakwera said will be granted.

“This place has a rich history but we lack the necessary support so that this site is able to attract international tourists. Please help us because Malawi as a country will also be able to benefit from such visitors,” Mitambo said.

On January 15 every year, Malawi commemora t e s the life of John Chilembwe, who led the uprising against the oppressive British colonial rule in 1915. This year the event was held under the theme ‘Malawi, stay away from sin’.

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