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The ICT Association of Malawi (Ictam) has given accolades to three other local firms for outstanding innovations and input towards socio-economic development through technology.

The three, FDH Bank, Airtel Malawi and BizMalawi are among 12 awardees of this year’s Malawi ICT Innovations Awards, nine of whom were awarded at the Ictam conference held in Mangochi two weeks ago.

However, firms in three other categories could not impress the judging panel, hence no recognition was made.


FDH Bank has been awarded for its newly launched digital banking platforms, FDH Mobile and FDH Wallet, through which customers are able to transact money electronically.

The initiative has been touted for improving levels of financial inclusion in the country.

Airtel Malawi scooped the award of Aggressive Input Towards Social Equity where the firm spearheads social cash transfer electronically.


This, according to according to Ictam, has helped minimise incidents of theft of money for development projects.

Initiators of Malawi’s first electronic directory, BizMalawi, has been awarded for its innovative ideas to improve electronic business outsourcing.

At the awards presentation ceremony in Blantyre Tuesday night, Ictam President, Wesely Phiri, spoke highly of the three awardees for what he rated as significant input towards economic development through technology.

“We have had brilliant innovations and ideas through these awardees. For example, FDH has helped in banking the unbanked and improving levels of financial inclusion, BizMalawi has changed the way we do business by going digital and Airtel has helped in cash transfer. This is positive progress for the economy,” he said.

BizMalawi Founder, Tarang Makhecha, said the recognition will propel more new innovations.

“Everyone equally deserved to get the award but we could not share it. Now that we have taken it, we can confidently tell that e-marketing is ideal and has brought an impact,” Makecha said when he received the award.

Ewen Hiwa, FDH Head of Transactional Banking received the award on behalf of the bank and rated it as “ideal as it is based on innovations we did in regard to FDH Wallet and FDH Mobile,”

He said it is a testimony that through the innovations, the bank has been able to make a significant impact to the people.

Airtel Malawi Regional Sales Manager, Dan Kamanga, reaffirmed the firm’s commitment to reach out to all the parts of the country with network coverage.

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