Ifpri outlines food insecurity solutions

Felix Mlusu

International Food Policy Research Institute (Ifpri) has urged Malawi to consider coming up with long-term solutions to the food insecurity challenge.

The institute has said this in its statement detailing how the country can improve water security and food systems.

Ifpri has outlined seven solutions which include strengthening efforts to preserve water-based ecosystems and their functions, improving agriculture water management, reducing water and food losses beyond the farmgate, coordinating water with nutrition and health interventions among others.


It adds that climate change as well as other environmental and societal changes including land use changes, biodiversity loss, urbanisation and evolving lifestyles and diets are affecting the dynamics of natural water cycles and water resource availability with implications on food systems.

“To maximise the benefits of irrigated, perishable high value crops such as fruits and vegetables, market linkages to consumption centres should be strengthened by investing in physical infrastructure that supports on-farm production, efficient trading and exchange, value addition and improve transportation and bulk storage,” the statement reads.

To ensure food security, the government is implementing the Affordable Input Programme (AIP), among other interventions.


Presenting the 2021/22 National Budget, Finance Minister Felix Mlusu touted the programme.

Mlusu announced that government has allocated K142.0 billion to AIP in a bid to have Malawi food secure.

“This is expected to achieve an outreach of not less than 3.5 million farming families. These resources are part of the total allocation to the agriculture sector,” Mlusu said.

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