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Implementing 2010 Pensions Act is not optional


The government is at it again— insensitively sitting on the 2010 Pensions Act which it was supposed to implement years ago, thereby pushing retired employees to destitution.

Now, this is not a laughing matter. It means life and death to our mothers and fathers, who after many years of service to the nation, expect to lead some semblance of a decent life upon retirement.

These are employees who survive the hard way on a meagre pay and subjecting them to further delays on their savings is inhuman.


Memories are still fresh of how one teacher in Lilongwe, after retirement, realised that his pension money went into the coffers of a ghost worker.

Appearing before parliamentarians in Lilongwe yesterday, Accountant General, William Matambo, conceded that the government has not implemented the Pensions Act due to lack of funds for the exercise.

While it is true that the government is broke, basic economics demands the setting of priorities among the priorities.


A glimpse of the happenings at Capital Hill suggests that the issue is not only about the government’s coffers being dry but rather the country’s priorities are often upside down.

There are many selfish and corrupt figures in society who continue to plunder the country’s resources.

This is evident in the fact that many senior civil servants have been stealing money through what is called Cashgate.

So, while we agree that implementing the act would punch holes into the government’s coffers, we hasten to mention that doing so is not optional, let alone negotiable.

After all, these men and women, who have retired, paid heavy taxes every single month without any excuses.

Would the government, perhaps, have bought any excuse from these men and women if one month they had postponed the remission of their taxes on the excuse that they were broke?

Our message to the Accountant General is crystal clear: Implement the Pensions Act at any cost.

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