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Indecisive Third Eye comes up

NOT SERIOUS? — Third Eye during one of his performances

NOT SERIOUS?—Third Eye in one of the artworks

Renowned rapper Mandela Mwanza, popularly known as Third Eye, came out last year that he was closing the chapter on music, adding that music was for the youth.

He indicated last year that times have changed and that, as an artist, he has always adapted to the times since 2005 both in Kenya and Malawi and other countries but Third Eye had done his part and that he was leaving as such.

“Basically I simply have no time to do music anymore. I am focusing on implementing real change for Malawi not ideas,” he told The Daily Times last year.

But, a year down the line, the artist, who dropped out of college in Kenya to pursue music full time in 2005 when he was 21 years, is out once again with a new album that he said is his last.

“This is my last album. It has four chapters and I am remaining with part three and four. This album is coming out this Saturday (tomorrow) on my app,” he said.

But with all his indecisiveness, should people as well as his fans take him seriously in his musical works?

“It’s up to them. I said last year that this is my last album and whether they are confused by me releasing four chapters instead of just one out of my love and respect for them then there is nothing I can do,” the rapper said.

Third Eye maintained that his last album is in four parts and that it has 42 songs in total.

“I released the first chapter last July, 12 months ago. And then the second chapter last December. The third chapter is available this Saturday on the 3rd of July and the fourth and final chapter is due for release on 2nd October 2021,” he said.

Third Eye said, after this whole process, fans can expect no more music from him.

“I have only made my last album this many chapters and this many songs because from the feedback I received on my pending retirement from my fans, I figured just 10 to 12 songs would not be enough in bringing the curtains down,” he said.

Third Eye said the last album is titled No Room for Era and that it will be followed with No Room for Era two, No Room for Era three and No Room for Era four.

The artist is hosting an album launch party at Vox Populi in Lilongwe which will feature special guests artists such DJ Nathan Tunes, Hyphen, Hayze Engola, Brainlock Fam and Achina Gattah Ase.

He said music will always be on top of his game despite moving in with his last album and further said he feels like he has more to offer Africans than just a voice.

Having turned 36 last year, Third Eye insisted that he was not in the youth bracket anymore.

“Once you are 35 you have to retire from music and let the young under you prosper. That’s the standard I have set for myself,” the rapper told The Daily Times.

He said then that he was hoping that the standard he had set would be passed on to younger artists, citing Eli Njuchi and Amaka.

“They need space. We have to step aside and fully support them for the sake of the future. You have to let go for the industry to grow. I am just playing my part by retiring. I feel like I am 55 years old in the civil service. I am taking up too much space and stifling the growth of the young,” Third Eye said then.

He also added that he has been working on Rediyo Music App the past six years and his railway project for almost three years.

“These are the fields I am focusing on as CEO of Soul Rebel Entertainment and Future Unlimited. I am also talking to the Cannabis Regulatory Authority about prospects and hopefully the prospects will mature into global actualities,” Third Eye said.

Some of the albums that Third Eye has released since he started his career include Imagine Being Jesus and Not Knowing, Taking Candy from A Blind Baby, The Hattrick, Broken Verses, Kumidima, Third World Citizen, It’s Over and Highly Underrated.

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