Inkosi M’mbelwa to conquer Hora Mountain again

CLOSER TO THE CLOUDS—M’mbelwa with his wife on top of Hora Mountain

Paramount chief of the Jele Ngoni in the country, Inkosi ya Makhosi M’mbelwa V, is scheduled to return to the summit of Hora Mountain in Mzimba District as he leads efforts aimed at promoting the place as a tourist attraction site.

M’mbelwa, a regular social football player, climbed the mountain on December 24 last year to celebrate his wife’s birthday.

This time, he has extended invitations to people from all walks of life to join him on May 29 in conquering the height of Hora Mountain which also hosts the Umtheto Cultural Festival every year in August.


M’mbelwa said the mountain has great potential to become a tourist attraction site that would contribute to the country’s economy.

“Hora Mountain is not only a place of historical and cultural importance. It is also a tourist attraction site capable of contributing to Malawi’s economy. We want to market it as we prepare to fully develop it into a vibrant tourist attraction site.

“Between 1860 and 1900, many Ngoni chiefs settled around this great place, with some of the notable villages in Mzimba District originating from there. Villages like Edingeni, Embangweni, Engalaweni, Ezondweni and many others originated from this mountain,” he said.


M’mbelwa said missionaries also set up Loudon Mission from the mountain before moving it to Embangweni.

“Hora Mountain is also the place where the tomb of Inkosi ya Makhosi Mmbelwa the First lies. The site is currently a national moment. Besides, climbing up the steep slopes of Hora is enchanting.

“While on top, one is able to see Chama in Zambia, Mzimba Boma, Lake Malawi and Kasito Valley all the way up to Ezondweni, the headquarters of Senior Chief Inkosi Mtwalo. You may also wish to know that the top of Hora Mountain is as big as a football pitch. In short, Hora Mountain is a nice place to be,” he said.

The event has a participation fee of K10,000 per participant and proceeds will be channeled towards the site’s development.

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