Inspiration for days: Behind the mirror


As the days go by, we add years and we celebrate our birthdays. Each day we grow in the physical being and if we make a choice we can grow in spirit as well. With the power and the wisdom of God, we can be spiritually mature if we desire to know God. Others may be old in age but will not know the revelations of God simply because they have not desired God in that way. While others may be young in age they may have the wisdom of God that supersedes all understanding. Then we ask how can a young person in age know things of the spirit?

I believe that it is more than what a person has achieved or their age or exposure. When we look in the mirror every morning, do we see who we really are? For women I mean that time before you wear your foundation or put on your make up. For guys I am talking about you before you comb your hair or shave your beard or moustache. The real you that you meet every morning before you are set to meet the world. Are you the one who is carrying the true picture of you? When you see yourself in the mirror are you happy with what you see? Is what people see in you everyday a true representation of you?

How would you feel if people knew the real you? Would they be motivated, would they find hope in your true face? Would they be inspired? Or would you bring sadness and discouragement, fear and uncertainty? I enjoyed meditating on the word in 1 Kings 9:1-9 where Solomon was ready with his work with the temple that he built for the Lord. It was beautiful, strong and just as they had imagined it to be. Full of gold and even the Lord had approved it and stamped His name on it but on one condition, Solomon had to obey and keep God’s commands. He had to live in truth and the mirror had to reflect the truth of who he really was if God was to maintain the temple and keep it. Since our father in heaven has power to punish, He warned Solomon that if he would fail to live in truth according to God’s expectations, he would be destroyed, his beautiful works and efforts of building the temple would turn into rubble, God would destroy it and he would be put to shame.


God demanded that what people were seeing in the beauty of the temple had to reflect the beauty of Solomon’s spirit, had to reflect the holiness and Godliness in Solomon to avoid the shame that would come upon him if the Lord had left him. This is a true test to anyone who is successful today. While people are cheering on you for what you have attained, the Lord wants to reveal the inner side and true personality that you carry within. It is more important for God to have children who honour Him and are obedient to His commands than to have children who pretend about their godliness.

Today I want to challenge you all to seek within you and reflect on the person who is behind the mirror. Not the face you may show to the world, not the perfect selfie that you take from your good side to post on Facebook or as your WhatsApp picture but discover the inner you, the one character that you do not allow those who are acquaintances to see and change that. Are you a true representation of what you see on the mirror or are you in denial of who you really are? Is your face representing the inner you?

Let us reason with who you should be and let’s change life for the better so that we can be a true representative of Christ. God demands us to live in His holy presence. He wants us redeemed and follow His ways without partiality, He wants us to be a true representative of His image. When people see us, they must see God, when we are in situations He wants us to portray the Christ-like characters. If we fail, He will destroy what we have made, He will withdraw His blessings and shame will befall us because His glory could have left us. It is our decision to make, a matter of our daily choice on who we will portray to the world. You were made in His image, stand in truth and love what is behind the mirror.

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