Inspiration for days: Gaining your spiritual ground (Part II)


To get spiritual ground you must know how the devil works, his tactics, his schemes, his goals and plans of destruction on God’s people and the fact that he is never a friend. A friend is never deceptive, manipulating, destructive, sneaky or a liar. If we understand that he has no power over us, if we refuse him then we will win.

The grace that God gave us through His son and the advocate, the Holy Spirit, is to sense when something is wrong, to discern between evil and good. Every time when we are approached to do something and our first answer is “no” we need to pray about it before we are persuaded and manipulated to say “yes.”

Usually the Holy Spirit will give you the correct answer but that small voice full of trickery will convince you to say yes even if you feel uneasy about a decision. Watch it! Before you fall in the devil’s strap! He is never your friend. He appears through friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances, fellow church friends and even church elders if they are not operating under the spirit of God. If you are not in spirit he will use those closest to you to attack you. But if you have a strong will against him, a strong sense of prayer life always then he cannot get to you because you will discern.


Today, he has attacked the churches, created confusion among believers to work against each other, has created sibling rivalries, has separated families because he wants believers to feel that God is helpless or does not have power. And God wants each one of us to seek Him in truth so that He can protect us and reveal Himself to us.

I have seen people who get close to God only when they have an issue that they see need for God to sort out in their life. When they want a job, spouse, child, breakthrough, healing etc they become so close to God, they will do anything for their church but as soon as God grants them what they want, they become too busy for Him. They stop attending church regularly, they distance themselves from those who gave them spiritual counsel and all promises that they made to God are left unfulfilled. Then you wonder when they return to God when things start being messed up again in their lives as they need another touch from God. This is spiritual immaturity, in scripture we are asked to be fervent in prayer, to stand firm on the truth, in faith and in his word at all times. We cannot be a seasonal Christian and think we have gained spiritual ground. God cannot be fooled or mocked, He sees these things!

We have been challenged to thank God and praise Him in all things at all times. This ensures that the devil has no power over us when we are weak for we will be forever strong in The Lord. Job did it! Regardless of riches or losses, he remained untouched in his faith. His own wife mocked God in his face but he knew who he was and closed his ears from the devil’s schemes.


If I may ask today, are you willing to live life in truth, to conquer the devil in every trap against you regardless of the temptations and the tests placed upon you in life? Or are you going to have a weak spiritual stamina by being inconsistent in your walk with Christ? If you make a decision to remain firm and stand tall in all situations, then say a prayer and ask God to baptise you with the Holy Spirit so that He can open your spiritual eyes, ears and senses. This will assist you that you may see the evil one’s schemes placed before you. This way, you can never fall in his traps because you could have gained your spiritual ground. I believe you can because it is a gift to all mankind and to all flesh. You can do it!

Let’s work as a loving family of Christians by conquering evil, speaking the truth, seeking God and at all times regardless of our life’s ups and downs, let’s pray for those who seem lost that try to return to The Lord other than casting stones at them and condemning them. Let’s live in peace with all men and promote unity in the body of Christ so that we remain undivided and strong. The scripture says can a house be divided by itself stand? We need to build God’s house that it remains strong only under the foundation of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Remember that He lives!

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