Inspiration for days: Gaining your spiritual ground


Each and every day I thank God for choosing me to serve Him. For preparing and equipping me to conquer evil. When God calls a servant He intends to use them to bring truth and justice to all mankind so that all bondages can be released and every oppressing spirit may be defeated so that God’s children would gain their spiritual freedom.

Today, multiple people would agree with me that poverty, hate, crime, corruption, untruthfulness, unfaithfulness and sexual immorality have taken over in the world. If a movie is not sexual, then it is not selling as much. If a movie does not have enough violence or too much bloodshed then the motion picture most likely will not get a Grammy award.

The most creative scenes and deep evil ideas are the ones that are attracting people’s attention today. If it is a family rated movie or scenario that is released today then it always seems to be too safe. We have turned our entertainment industry into a monster world full of evil plots that sell. Through this, the world is gaining ground on evil ideas on how to kill, cheat, steal, covet, envy, corrupt, and how to defend the demonic empire. And all these things are what The Lord has spoken of in the Bible as breaking the Ten Commandments of God. If it’s promoting sin then why support it, if it’s being used by the devil to transfer ideas which in turn result into demons that possess you then why sponsor it?


For years, the devil did a pretty good job to keep me from knowing that there was a spiritual world out there and everything that we do in our daily life through our actions, decisions, thoughts and meditation have a huge effect on what happens to us. If all these things reflect goodness, then the spiritual world of God’s presence surrounds you in all things because you gain victory regardless of the temptation or test of times. But when all things that you think about and meditate on are not of God, then it is automatic that the devil is running your life. As you live that life it may look sweet and fun but the devil is canal minded and tactical, because everything he offers is temporary. It may be a good life a little while, then he starts stealing away from you your joy, peace and happiness. Before you know it, he starts destroying you slowly by taking away what he gave you until he kills you.

Witchcraft is real but as it sounds it is crafty, it is evil and it should never be used to advance anything! If you want a spouse to love you and be faithful, pray! If you want your business to succeed, ask God which business can work for you, pray and work hard! There is never a shortcut in life. Every tree came from a seed, it was planted in soil, taken care of by watering, pruning and it grew with the help of the sun, wind and rain. These are factors that you and me cannot provide but only by God. It means God must take part in all you do.

How many people have you heard of who have gotten rich in a blink of an eye without hard work but through corruption and have enjoyed their wealth? How many people have done evil in the world and they go unpunished by God? The truth is, once the devil has you on his little finger, you are trapped; he will torment you until you die. And if all your life you have done things to compromise on Christianity then God will also wait to grant you His judgement, He definitely will punish you because He does not take away consequences, if it’s wrong and you have done it, you have to be punished. In this way, I realise that you lose both ways. From God you get judged and punished for doing evil and from the devil he will achieve his plan of destruction by staying away once he has you caught up in sin. He rejoices in your downfall and the shame he puts on you. Definitely he is not a friend to us.


To be continued…

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