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Inspiration for days: Spiritual tolerance

As we wake up each day we tend to feel that we can control the day by our plans, the people who we choose to surround ourselves with, the job that we are in or through the business that we do. Little do we know that before we are awake the day has already been planned for us.

There are things that we can control daily through our actions but we must realise that there are also a lot of things that are centred in the spiritual realm that we cannot control if we lack the spiritual grounding or realisation of who else is controlling our world. Some people may think that this is paranoia but those who God has opened their spiritual eyes will agree that there is a big part of our lives that is controlled in the spiritual realm if we are not living in the revelations of the Lord.

I was fascinated with the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:12-18 where we learn that Adam was being addressed by the Lord after he had sinned. We learn through his life accounts recorded in the holy book that Adam was a chosen one among mankind when God created the earth. He was given authority over the garden and had the privilege of naming all living things so that today we can know them as birds, cows, snakes, giraffes, among others, through the original language of our ancestors at that time.

Adam was privileged because he was able to hear from God. God gave him all that he needed but under the condition to tend the garden and keep away from a single fruit. He was forewarned of it and had to always know by having obedience. In the same process he was loved to the point that God knew he needed a companion, someone to cheer him up and to be with as he fulfilled the will of God.

I get inspired by this story because it shows how caring, kind and loving our creator is. He will provide us with all that we need and will also make sure to warn us on what not to do so that we do not fall.

The question is, if we are loved by God and He wants us to succeed and He will warn us before things happen by telling us the rules and commandments, why do we still choose our own path? Why do we live a life that is self satisfying and not God centred? Why do we know what sin is and yet we still sin?

Adam blamed Eve for consuming the forbidden fruit and yet he was told not to. This is where we need to know that even if we feel that we have our lives under control, there are external forces that can make or break us. It took a serpent that does not speak to deceive Eve because it knew that Adam could not be deceived, he had his life under control but had to target him through his closest relation who was not there when God spoke to him.

If Adam had asked God before he took a bite would he have known better? But since he did not inquire from the Lord, today the human race is punished to have to sweat for their food. Through the curse of Eve women are cursed to suffer pain through labour.

What is it that you are going through today that could be consequences to others in the future? What decisions have you made in the past that has made you fall into sin and yet you knew the commandments of God upon your life?

Now it’s time to raise your spiritual tolerance. To know that we may have things in order in the physical world but there is a spiritual realm that can affect our physical being if we are not careful. If we do not seek God in all things God can not reveal Himself to us. If we do not inquire from the Lord in our decision making then the serpent may just deceive us into a trap that can cost us our lives. Imagine that after Adam had everything the Lord kicked him out of Eden, blocked the east entrance by putting protective measures of angels and the moving sword with fire to prevent him from returning and eating the fruit from the tree of life.

God wanted Adam to pay for his dues by death and could not allow him back to acquire the blessings that had been allotted to him. As you are reading it’s possible that the enemy has tricked you in so many ways and robbed away the blessings that The Lord took from you but remember that it is never too late to start walking with God again, listening to His instructions and living a life that is pleasing to Him. What I know is that The Lord is slow to anger and quick to forgive, He will meet you at the point if you seek Him. You are blessed!

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