Inspiration for days: Truth behind the smile


We are almost in the middle of the year now and I’m sure there are other goals that we have achieved or others that we are yet to achieve. To others, we will simply fail them and be discouraged for the rest of the year feeling that we will not amount to anything. Others give up on everything and let things go by the wayside.

As time goes by there is pain that builds up in people, others bitterness, others sorrow, others they start neglecting things that used to be important to them because they go in seclusion and hideaway. To others they question God as to why He would allow them to go through hardship. In James 1:2-3 we are reminded that when we go through trials and tribulations we must count it pure joy and not be in sorrow because it’s at this time that The Lord shifts some things for our good but as we fight strongholds and battles, we must fight knowing that there is victory in the end. It’s about passing the test through faith and perseverance.

In life you may meet people who look like all things are perfect, they may wear the face and the look of prosperity and yet they are in sorrow inside. They hold on to issues and keep them in the closet for so long until the smile can’t be contained any more. But if you would see what is inside you would realise that there is new truth behind the smile. And the more a person hides how they feel, the more they are affected and may need a release either by talking to someone to get a solution or by being delivered from the pain by a servant of God who has the grace from God to do so. When a person is freed from bondage, they are truthful in their smile, they are more relaxed and accommodating to others and it restores their hope in life on things they cannot control.


In recent years people in the world have become more closed minded and very private in their lives that they are not free enough to express the reality in their lives. They keep the smile and hide the guilt, the pain, sorrow and anger they may have in their lives because they would rather save a face or maintain a social status. But then at the same time, through the power of the Holy Spirit, God has given the grace to His servants through revelations and prophetic utterances in order to free His children from bondages so that they can be free.

If a hidden secret is revealed in a person, to others there are tears of release that come as they realize that God knows and sees all things. The thought that you are not alone after all and there is our creator who has power to change the situation for the good is comforting. I don’t know what you may be going through in your life today as you read this article but what I know is that God has it, God is interested in your story and He wants to restore you and release you. The first step is to submit to Him fully through the name Jesus and He will visit you and restore you. In Deuteronomy 11:13-15 we are told that if we faithfully obey the commands God gave us with all our heart and our soul then we will receive the rain in the right season so that we may have enough to eat and be satisfied. May you seek The Lord in all your situations so that the smile from you shall radiate His glory and mercy in Jesus mighty name! Amen

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