Inspiration for days: Under the yoke of obedience


Once a child of God through Christ Jesus, it means God’s will upon our lives is complete. It means the secret mystery that there is a living God is evident to those who claim to be one. It means Christ who came down to earth from heaven as a living sacrifice through His unconditional love never died in vain. It means we have a great chance to live and to claim eternal life. I’m sure the heavens and the angels rejoice when we confess Jesus to be our Lord and saviour. Why would I have these sentiments? Since it seems we yet are to convince more and more human beings in this world that Christ came to die for all; first the Jews then the Gentiles.

To live as a Christian requires a lot of work on our part. When Christ came on earth, His job started as soon as He was born. How? God was glorified because His word never went on empty ground. The prophecy and mystery of the coming Messiah was fulfilled. Wow! What a glorious day this must have been in heaven. To know that there may be a king who instantly hated a baby he did not meet before in his life shows the type of power and threat Jesus was to those who strive for power. If only the king would realise that he is also a creation of God then he would have definitely bowed down to baby Jesus.

Today, since the Bible was produced and released unto the earth for those who have ears to hear and for those who have eyes to see is a true testimony of the many wondrous things that God is able to do. His glory, His majesty, His eternal love upon creation, His peaceful nature, His forgiving spirit and many more characters that we as human beings fail to show to our enemies. But since we are called His children, we are mandated to submit to these teachings, the teachings of Jesus Christ that He imparted into the disciples. As we all know that an apple does not fall too far from its tree, it would be unusual and maybe make the news if you heard that a lion has given birth to baby elephant. In other words, for as long as we believe in God, we are commanded to believe in His son Jesus through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. If we believe in Him then we must live like He did on earth as an obedient lamb that was slain because of the pure sacrifice of the Father.


I have observed that as children of God, we sometimes fall short of God’s glory because we fail to obey God fully through Jesus Christ. In Genesis 2, Adam and Eve fell into sin because they disobeyed God’s command of not eating from the tree of life. Instead, God kicked them out of Eden, a land full of milk and honey to go and work for themselves if they were to eat. In Exodus, we see the plagues upon Egypt due to Pharaoh’s disobedience to let the Israelites go to the Promised Land. Instead Pharaoh even lost his first born son as a punishment from God for not listening to God’s will. In Leviticus 10:1, Aaron’s sons failed to obey God by offering unauthorized fire before The Lord during an offering sermon so God struck them with fire that consumed them to death. In Numbers, the Israelites grumbled against Moses to return back to Egypt in fear of dying of thirst which was contrary to God’s command and God punished all the Israelites including Moses and Aaron that they would not enter the Promised Land. Instead they lingered in the wilderness until they had all died off and their descendants were the ones who were entitled to God’s promise of the Promised Land. (Joshua 5:6)

And in each book in the bible, there are numerous examples where children of God know God, they know of His will upon their life, they know His commands but yet fail to obey Him. Lack of obedience has completely affected the relationship between God and His children. This has resulted in our blessings being withheld from God or our blessings being taken away from us because God does not entertain disobedience. He wants us to be pure and righteous before Him always. Most times, children of God will cry out to God in prayer, in fasting in order to get a breakthrough or an answer from God but He will be quite because He gave us the Ten Commandments to follow in order for our lives to be prosperous. In Joshua 1:7-9, we learn that if we have courage and we are strong in The Lord and obey His commands we will be successful wherever we go. In Isaiah 1:19 it is the same request that is given to us that if we are willing and obedient we will enjoy the best of the land.

I may not know your situation today but what I know is that for as long as you have accepted Christ Jesus to be your Lord and Saviour, you are invited to be under the yoke of obedience in order to have success and prosperity. Make time to read His word and know what may be holding your blessings today. As a child of God who owns silver and gold, be encouraged that you will achieve and you will make it if you live by the word of God. May you be encouraged that God is not dead and whatever He says He will do He will do upon your life as long as you submit to Him fully. You are blessed in Jesus mighty name

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