International Netball Federation sees potential in Queens


International Netball Federation (INF) has said the Malawi national netball team has the potential to improve on world netball rankings.

Speaking on Friday during the closing ceremony of a week-long coaching course at College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre, INF official Joan Smit said the performance of participants during the training gave him the belief that the Queens are capable of rising on the world rankings.

“I have been to many countries with similar courses but it is in Malawi where I have seen participants performing so well.


“From here, these participants will go out to share the knowledge they have gained with others in their respective regions. This will surely translate to the national team performing better in upcoming competitions,” Smit said.

She said it was pleasing that some of the course participants were national team players who have the potential to become great coaches after their playing days.

Smit said she had a special session with the players and encouraged them to continue learning from experienced coaches.


Netball Association of Malawi General Secretary, Carol Bapu, described Smit’s remarks as encouraging, saying the Queens are working hard to realise their true potential on the global stage.

“The knowledge gained during this course will help us to prepare better for the Commonwealth Games. All we need to do is to apply all the tactics as learnt during the course.

“It is now up to us to ensure that we test the knowledge gained here by organising some international friendly games for the Queens before going to competitions such as the Commonwealth Games and the Fast-Five Netball World series,” Bapu said.

One of the participants, Jane Chimaliro, who plays for both Civonets and the Queens, said she will use the coaching skills learned from the course to teach upcoming netballers.

“What we have learnt here will have a great impact on the performance of the [Malawi] national team. I expect to make a good coach in future when my playing days are over. I am already thinking about identifying players that I should groom for the future,” Chimaliro said.

INF sent four trainers to Malawi to drill 60 netball coaches and umpires.

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