iPhone 8 Plus ‘explodes’


While charging iPhone 8 Plus, a user in Taiwan was dismayed; the gadget split open on one side. In Japan, a lady took delivery of her new iPhone 8 plus; as is the case, unboxing an iPhone is a joyous moment; but was not to be as her phone had ripped open in transit on both side uppers.

According to the reputable PCMag, the one that split open in Taiwan had been on the charger barely for three minutes when the Bushiri-like miracle happened. The owner confirmed that she had not used any other charger and cable other than those provided by the manufacturer.

The user in Taiwan has already dispatched the gadget back to the sender and right now engineers at Apple are having sleepless nights to solve the enigma.


Tech journalists are split on the possible causes of the ‘blast’. Some describe it as an explosion while others believe it is too small to fit the bill. An explosion is not only limited to something that catches fire; it is simply a large-scale, rapid or spectacular expansion.

In English, there must be a bang. This is what befell two Samsung products last year. First a Washing machine and of course the ill-reputed Galaxy Note 7. In Apple’s case, the bang effect is not present.

Two possible causes exist. It could be that the glue used to hold the phone together does not stick enough to withstand heat from either charging or the environment. This is less likely; such gizmos are held together by hooks as well.


It could as well be the battery ballooning inside the phone and claiming more real estate in the process. Should this be the case, then welcome to the ill-famed league of Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

While that may not be particularly good news to both Johnny Ive and Tim Cook, it could as well be the wondrous biblical hyssop detergent to cleanse the sins of Samsung.

Other possible causes, could be that engineers went to town to squeeze more juice in the battery and forgot a few laws of physics which are less-forgiving.

This comes in the background of stagnation of iPhone 8 sales. iPhone 8 was touted as John the Baptist, the forerunner of the ultimate, iPhone X.

Apple’s loyal customers seems to be insubordinate this time around; they don’t want a phone with bezels. They desire something styled in the likeness of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

At the moment, Apple needs a night of prayer so that Moses-like stick can cast the spell away and stop it from being wide-spread.

If it does not, tech reporters are going to have a field day and that may spoil the iPhone x’s party before it even begins.

Meanwhile Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is selling very well. It has surpassed other Note sales before. Reports indicate that more people in the USA have purchased Galaxy Note 8 than any other previous Note phones.

This is how Samsung is boosting about it “Today’s consumers want to do bigger things in work and life, and Note helps them make that possible.

We built the Galaxy Note 8 for people who desire a device that lets them be productive and allows for self-expression”. End of quote.

It all depends on how apple reacts and acts on this thick cloud, otherwise, trouble looms ahead.

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