iPhone sales up 17%


Technology is said to be dynamic. Let me put that in measurable terms; a computer chip is supposed to double in power every 18 to 12 months while the price shrinks or remains constant.

This means smartphones and computers are supposed to be refreshed every year with more powerful, yet less expensive models.

That has been half-true with the iPhone. Since its introduction in 2007 at a price tag of $499, the iPhone has been becoming more powerful and beautiful but the price has not been going down.


The iPhone’s price was double its introduction price by 2017. If you dared ask Apple’s chief designer, Jony Ive, he would, perhaps, have said that that was because the iPhone had gone through some revolution in 2017.

That was the year it became all-glass construction and bezel-less so as to mimic Samsung Galaxy S8.

With a price tag of $1,000, the iPhone was continually becoming a toy for the rich.


Surely that is not what the late Steve Jobs had in mind when he invented the iPhone. Steve had his lessons on the same with the iMac and would not have wanted history to repeat itself.

The funny thing about life is that the real rich are not really amused with fads and fashion. The Warren Buffets and Donald Trumps of this world are very careful with their money. That means the actual customer for the expensive iPhone is the middle class.

In 2018, Apple introduced a scaled-down version of the iPhone for $ 899; the iPhone R. There were two problems with that model; firstly the price was not good enough.

Secondly, Apple had taken away too much to achieve that price. The reduced-version of the iPhone had bezels and was not all-glass construction.

While the front was covered by beautiful toughened glass, the back was covered with plastic, which audibly contrasted the beautiful front glass.

Fast forward to 2020, Apple introduced the iPhone Mini with all the hallmarks of iPhone 12 but just smaller. At $ 699, the price was right this time around.

The iPhone 12 Mini has caught the fancy of iPhone lovers. From the beginning, the iPhone was smaller than Samsung models. Over the years, the iPhone has been getting bigger to the dislike of many iPhone lovers.

A thinner and smaller iPhone 11 Mini seems to be what iPhone die-hards have been crying for over the years. iPhone customers have decided to reward Apple with more sales. It is for this reason that sales for iPhone 12 are 17 percent up since its introduction last November.

Technology will always be dynamic. Now you know what that means.

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