iPhone X, a closer look


iPhone X release news orchestrated in our imagination an image of beauty and perfection. The September 22 pre-order postponement turned out to be a borrowed line from Robert Green’s ‘The Art of Seduction’: Postponement prolongs anticipation for something graceful and glorious.

Now that iPhone X is here, the obvious question must be posed: Does it fit the bill? In all fairness, yes it does. However, exorcised from any Apple’s love portion and just being plain technological, iPhone X could have been better.

Apple’s chief designer, Jony Ive went to town to ensure that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8 did not continue to dampen iPhone’s popularity. One thing is nakedly missing, the unyielding spirit of Steve Jobs. Has it finally taken flight from Apple’s campus?


The good news is that iPhone is a Don Juan, the greatest seducer of all times; just a mention of its name keeps many in a thrall. iPhone’s good design record is so magnetising that it dulls people’s senses to compare it to anything no matter how splashy.

Let’s dive into things that matter. iPhone X ushers in a total new design mortar; a divorce of the 10-year home button and marks the demise of ugly bezels at the top and bottom of the Apple smartphone. One caveat though, it does not flow flawlessly as Samsung Galaxy S8 on the sides.

At the centre-top of the screen a visible notch adamantly spoils the otherwise gorgeous gadget. This space houses the earpiece speaker, selfie camera and sensors for TrueDepth camera for Face ID. Science dictates that they must be there; the problem is that the notch is making ‘noise’. It is a thief that steals the ocean-flow of the display in full-screen movie mode.


Touch ID finger-print scanner has given way to Face ID. Samsung ‘preambled’ this feature in Samsung Galaxy S8 earlier in the year, however, Apple has perfected the art. It is the only biometric security system that does not only unlock the phone but apps as well and goes further to authenticate payments. Ladies and gentlemen, stand up for the champions!

Both iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 are 5.8 inches diagonally yet Samsung Galaxy is 19 grammes lighter. iPhone X weighs 174 grammes. If you are old school, that should be good news; the heavier it is, the superior is the electronics.

iPhone X is narrower yet taller than iPhone 8. iPhone 8 Plus is both wider and taller than iPhone X yet iPhone X has more viewable screen surface. This bears witness; bezels are enemies of great looks and usability. Samsung Galaxy S8 is narrower yet taller than iPhone X; in queen’s language, S8 is easier to hold than iPhone X.

Apple 11 Bionic chip is the brain of iPhone X. It can remember data up to 3G when in use and can stomach either 64 GB or 256 GB information depending whether you opt to cough out $999 or $1,150.

If you are not a tech junkie who has neither TV nor HiFi system at the house, iPhone X 2717 mAH ( an improvement from1960 mAH) battery should last you an entire day from a single charge.

One more thing, the rear camera forms an ugly bump; it is like shameless big pimple on a beautiful face. And I forgot to say that iPhone X freezes temporarily and refuses to respond under temperatures below zero. Apple has assured its faithful that the flaw is correctable with a software update.

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