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Irate church members deflate bishop’s car tyres

By Jarson Malowa, Contributor:

Archbishop Albert Chama of the Anglican Church’s Central African Province on Tuesday had a rude awakening when irate members deflated his car tyres after disagreements over beleaguered Bishop of the Diocese of the Upper Shire, Brighton Vita Malasa.

Chama, who is based in Zambia, was in the country to solve the wrangle between church members and Malasa.

The church members accuse Malasa of mismanaging funds, making unilateral decisions when transferring the clergy and recruiting members of staff.

However, Chama’s meeting with the irate Anglican members at Malosa in Zomba did not solve the problem as trouble continued brewing in the church.

After the meeting, Chama asked the Christians to give the church more time to deal with the matter.

This, however, prompted the irate members to deflate tyres of Chama’s car, prompting him to ask for another car to use.

The Christians petitioned the church’s Central Africa province team which reported the issue to Chama.

On Tuesday, Chama asked the petitioners to refrain from breaking the law and wait for the church to decide on whether Malasa should continue serving them or not.

“I repeat this for the fifth time; do not take the law into your hands; otherwise, you will find me in Zambia to solve an issue I could have sorted out myself,” Chama said.

On mismanagement of funds, Chama said he would institute a forensic audit on Malasa, who is still in office despite having only three parishes under his jurisdiction after the other 33 declared autonomy from his management.

But the petitioners’ chairperson, George Msakwiza, said a lot needs to be done to iron out the issues.

“Even though Archbishop Chama came, the issue is not over. We are still waiting because there is no final solution to this issue apart from the Archbishop’s promise to institute a forensic audit,” Msakwiza said.

Chama was accompanied to the meeting by the church’s Central Africa Provincial Secretary, Bishop William Mchombo, Provincial Registrar for Zambia, Fanuel Sumaili and Southern Malawi Bishop Alinafe Kalemba.

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