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The waiting is over. Samsung delivered its promise; unboxed Galaxy Note 7 when it said it would, August 23 2017.The South Korean company has upped the Galaxy S8 ante in its insatiable quest to dethrone iPhone 7. Samsung Note 8 is a born-again jewel of Galaxy S8 which debuted a few months ago.

Smartly dressed in an exquisite Italian knit suite with suede fronts; aluminum frame and glass back panel construction, Galaxy Note 8 stands out as undisputable high-end product.

Its 6.3-inch screen is bloated version of Samsung Galaxy 8’s infinity display. The accolades of such were amply discussed when Galaxy S8 came out and to parrot those lines won’t make it glow.


For the first time ever, Samsung decided to spoil its customers with rear dual-camera facility. This is no Samsung’s invention; other have trekked that path before. Huawei P10, OnePlus 5, LG G6 and of course iPhone 7 Plus grace the technology. Samsung has perfected the art. How? Read on.

In rear dual-camera arrangement, one camera is telephoto while the other is wide angle. Telephoto lens capture objects that are far away without distorting size. Wide angle ‘eyes’ allow for a closer and short focus yet maintains finer details like background.

While the other smartphones have optical image stabilisation (ois) in either the telephoto or wide angle camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has in both. This means that even if you wobbled while taking a picture or a clip, Galaxy Note 8 would not show it in the result.


Both pictures work simultaneously giving you the bounty of telephoto and wide angle shots to choose from. Samsung calls this dual capture. You can also add a bokeh (artistic background blur) not after but during snapping time. It is called live focus. This feature is also available on iPhone 7 plus and Apple calls it portrait mode.

According to Samsung website, the 6.3 inch screen is the largest ever on a Galaxy Note device; and is big enough to create a template for a nirvana-experience surfing on the move yet at the same time small enough to fit your pocket.

Samsung spin doctors went to town to describe the infinity display; near bezel-less, full frontal grass, edge-to-edge screen. I will not throw spanners into that beautiful poetry.

Just like its catch-fire sibling, Note 8 distinguishes itself from the pack with a stylus pen. The S Pen is pressure sensitive and is a handsome way to express oneself by drawing own emoji and personalised notes on e-photos. If you are a book worm like yours truly, you can use the magic to mark books the old- time way.

Until iPhone 8 shows up later this month, purportedly with all-glass construction and true and complete bezel-less screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 remains an object of desire and has enough electronic stamina to rule the smartphone jungle.

Like Gold, it is not cheap. You got $930- $960? If the answer is in affirmative, Galaxy Note 8 is all yours to behold.

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