IT Wishlist – 2017


IT is always nice to imagine a Xmas stocking full of must have goodies. These are some of the new technology products I would love to find on Xmas day.

First and foremost the Razer Blade Stealth Ultrabook. A small, light 12.5” touchscreen laptop, it comes with 8.0GB RAM, a 256 SSD drive and an Intel i7 processor, making it one of the faster laptops available.

The screen is amazing with the maximum 4K resolution, this is a maximum 4,000 x 2,000 pixels. Fast, light and stable, it is easy to carry around and even watch movies on the go. But what makes it unique, it won the Consumer Electronic Show device of the year for 2016 – is the unique way that it can handle any graphics challenge you can throw at it. It uses Thunderbotl 3 technology, which allows power and data to be transmitted simultaneously via one cable.


Power can be transmitted up to a maximum of 100Watts, and data transfer up to 5Gb per second. Using this technology allows this laptop to be plugged into an external device called the Razer Core. Razer Core is a Thunderbolt 3 dock that can fit a full-size dual-slot PCI Express graphics card. In addition to powering the laptop over the Type-C cable when it’s plugged in, this dock includes four USB 3.0 ports and an Ethernet port.

This instantly allows the laptop to be converted to a full-size gaming desktop – with interchangeable graphics cards and monitor options. Take it out on meetings – and you have a fast sleek device for meetings and communication. Bring it home and plug it in and you have a high-performance desktop. How cool is this?

Another device that is becoming more common is the wireless, rechargeable, portable speaker– that will play audio from almost any device– either wired or wireless. Imagine playing your music of choice on a remote beach, well away from any power device. I have seen larger versions of this used outdoors at picnics or barbeques – or during our frequent power cuts. Sound is extremely good and powerful for such small devices.


Pair this with my next wish list item– the Power Gorilla portable charger that can provide 6 hours of mobile power to fully charge a laptop and simultaneously charge up smaller devices such as phones. Include the Solar Gorilla folding portable solar panel – that will allow me to charge this device up anywhere where I have sunshine.

Talking about solar power, I would put a full self sustainable solar system that runs my house at the top of my list. However, this would be in the region of thousands of dollars, so maybe I’ll skip this for this year. Another interesting device I would have considered is the wearable Microsoft Band. Apart from being a companion to a Microsoft phone – it also came with sensors for GPS, UV monitoring, sleep tracking, calorie tracking, guided workouts and smart notifications. Alas, I have been told that these have now sold out completely and Microsoft have not released plans for the next version yet. My fitness plans must be put on hold for a few more months then.

Other stocking fillers I would be excited by would include the following. There is the wireless streaming USB flash drive, that allows data to be simultaneously streamed to up to 5 devices. Imagine your family watching different movies, or listening to music in different parts of the house, whilst you caught up with your downloaded online courses. Or how about wireless headphones– Bose do a great range of these. Wireless soundbars for your TV is also an interesting concept – bringing a great audio experience to your TV requirements. That should be enough to be getting on with for this year – I do not want to commit to too many of these – as I have no doubt that there are new technologies awaiting release in early 2017 which will probably supercede many of those I have mentioned here. Interesting times indeed.Teri Sequeira is the CEO for SyncIT Solutions Ltd – established in 2003.

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