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It’s not about Kamlepo Kalua


President Peter Mutharika’s view about corruption in this country is tellingly simplistic and hopeless.

It goes something like this. His DPP government is squeaky clean on the vice and that we Malawians have only one person to blame and she happens to be Joyce Banda and her PP government which ruled from April 2012 to May 2014.

This is the narrative that he keeps repeating at every given opportunity and it was there on display on Monday when he opened a sugar factory in Salima.


Mutharika has even refused to own up on the K577 billion of taxpayers’ money that got lost from 2009 to 2014, saying it is still Joyce Banda’s government that should bear the brunt of that loss and that reports to the effect that seven of his serving Cabinet ministers are involved are patently false.

Not only that. The President even opened a new battle front this time on Monday with Rumphi East MP Kamlepo Kalua, telling the nation he does not know any minister in his government who is implicated in the theft and that the MP should either bring the names of the ministers to the State House within 24 hours or he should shut his mouth up forever and hold his peace.

Now, either the President is ignorant of what is happening in his own government or he is a hypocrite who is deliberately ignoring the truth because he was born not bold enough to do the right thing even if it means going after some of his closest colleagues.


Either way it is tragic for this country.

This is not about Kamlepo ranting about the seven ministers implicated. It is not Kamlepo’s call.

It is the President’s call to stop corruption so rampant and happening under his nose that it does not need a magnifying glass for anybody with eyes to see it.

For the two years that Mutharika has been in power it is an undeniable fact that the ACB has been comatose and has not arrested anybody connected to the DPP government on corruption charges.

The only thing ACB has done is to protect people that have cases to answer in courts and try to explain it away.

The only thing the ACB has done is to trash corruption cases that have been raging in court and try to hopelessly convince Malawians why those who took the cases to court were wrong in the first place.

The only cases that the ACB has prosecuted are Cashgate related that comply with the President’s narrative and happened under the watch of Joyce Banda.

It has been off hands on anything to do with DPP.

But does it mean DPP is clean? The answer is a hell no. Individuals that were struggling with court cases in which their houses were on the verge of being sold due to un-serviced mortgages have overnight started building mansions not in ones or twos but in five, ten, twenty or thirty as if they were Malawi Housing Corporation.

Some have property even in the UK and South Africa and all this has happened just within the two years that the DPP has been in power.

But the President says his government is unstained and it is only Joyce Banda that stole from the people of Malawi.

Does the President see with the two eyes that we all have?

As for the ACB, once again, it has been quiet when the law gives it power to probe such unexplained extravagant riches.

Instead it says the law must be changed to regulate party funding as if it got anything to do with unexplained riches that the DPP functionaries are accumulating in broad daylight while we are watching.

The duel that the President wants to enter with Kamlepo is therefore laughable.

The Auditor General has handed over 13 files of corruption to the ACB.

Why does he not force ACB to expedite the investigations so that it is proven to Malawians that none of his ministers are corrupt?

This is not about Kamlepo. It is about the President and his legacy.

Mr President, for once act in the interest of Malawians and not your corrupt friends in your government who are stealing and abusing our tax while you watch.

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